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  1. Fernando Almaguer

    Anyone using NMN with good results?

    I started taking about 500mg of NMN under the tongue, I am 36 years old on 120 mgs trt with 60 mg nandrolone and the occasional 250ius HCG eod. I take with TMG and keep it refrigerated. I work shift work some nights and have noticed a slight boost in energy. Although its only been a week and...
  2. G

    Started TRT journey - five weeks in

    Good evening, everyone. I figured I'd make a thread documenting my progress. Hopefully the information and ensuing discussions contained herein could provide assistance for others down the line, as others' threads had provided for me. I also have some questions which will be added at the end, so...
  3. Pacman

    What are your experiences on modafinil?

    I have searched the forum for this topic, and I have seen modafinil being discussed in the past, but I have not found any recent discussions about modafinil specifically. My issue: I often have issues with getting fatigued fairly often. I get tired early and my focus very frequently goes out...
  4. F

    How Much Usable Energy Do you Have?

    For me, one of the biggest upsides to TRT has been better energy. However, I sometimes wonder if I should be content with the energy I have? I am currently 49. I get up pretty early - usually 5-6AM every day. I drink a decent amount of coffee, but am done by around 8AM. I use Natesto three...
  5. R

    What does low shbg actually mean ?

    So I don’t want the medical technical Mumbo jumbo about it’s a carrier protein and all but what I want to know is if someone has low shbg what do they feel like . Should they feel tired , not optimized , workouts suck ,low sex drive, recovery ect . Does having normal levels make you feel better ?
  6. M

    4 weeks into TRT, feeling worse/mood crashes.

    Hey folks, I’ve been on 100mg Test-C 1x/wk for 4 weeks now. For the first 2-3 weeks I was feeling great overall, sense of wellbeing was way up, energetic, more motivated in the gym... just really doing well. The last couple of days have been... not that. I take my Test-C Thursday evening or...
  7. D

    Caffeine and TRT

    I have been trying to dial in my right protocol, but so far not very good results from energy/libido standpoint. When I drink something with caffeine, Instead of getting more energy/alertness, I feel worse like less than 5min after I took it. Has someone experienced that? does someone know what...
  8. H

    Motivation and Hcg

    Quick question, do you feel any different if you stop Hcg? I started testosterone about two or three years ago and added Hcg 500U 2x per week shortly after. For the second time in a year I have run out of Hcg awaiting my pharmacy order. After about 5-6 days without it, my motivation and...
  9. B

    Intuiv aka Guanfacine??????? Non-stimulant ADHD dopamine agonist

    I was talking to my doctor about lack of motivation due to no available stimulants to get me going hard in the gym... I have taken Modafinil in the past but it took about 300 to 400 mg's to get an effect which felt like old-school ephedra but I'd end up awake for a few days... and then it...
  10. G

    High-Dose Niacin: A Cautionary Tale

    High-dose Niacin was generally considered very beneficial before about 2010 but then fell into a bit of disfavor without much credible change in the science. I have been watching the evidence for a long time and it seems incomplete but generally positive. I have tried niacin on and off without...
  11. D

    bang energy drink

    I should probably start with hello. I am new to this forum and have found a lot of the information here as first rate. I was wondering if anyone has drank bang energy drinks. I have been drinking for a few months and I am hooked. It seems like not a lot of people are aware it exists. I find it...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Build Your Own Pre-Workout Supplement

    Build Your Own Pre-Workout Supplement In this episode you will learn: - Why most pre-workout supplements are overpriced hype - How a pre-workout supplement can benefit your training - What ingredients make up an effective pre-workout supplement - The correct dosages to get the most bang for your...
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