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  1. M

    Wondering if my TRT prescription schedule makes sense at all

    So I had low test for quite a few years that was first tested when I was about 29. I have been on methadone since age 19. Though I have been on opiates for a long time, I was always a “functional addict” as I was a an athlete and was drafted into the QMJHL back in 2005. I always stayed in shape...
  2. D


    Anyone know of a good maybe excel template for tracking dose vs labs?
  3. B

    Thinking about adding Deca for joint pain.

    I'm 58 years old and my joints continue to give me issues, on 80 mg a week of test cyp split x2, my dr gave me meloxicam and muscle relaxers for my joint pain, I have been thinking about adding a small dose of Deca instead of all of the nsaids, would like to hear from anyone who has used deca...
  4. M

    My dose has been too high?

    Try and keep this short...5 years ago felt bad, Dr put me on 100 mg of Test cyp 1x a week, did ok for a while, HCT HGB got too high, told to donate every 4 months, still didn't feel right, test levels were great, high in fact around 1000, after another year still felt rough (Yes tested for...
  5. B

    Inj Frequency

    I know everyone is different, but I would like to hear what you have found best for inj frequency, My SHBG is mid range at 45, E2 runs a bit high at 60, HCT and HGB has been a problem for me, last blood work it was 57 and 19 so I did go donate, in the past I have had issues when i donated 3...
  6. B

    Bimix dose advice

    Before Christmas I gave Bimix (150 mg / 5mg) a try, got my wires crossed and made a terrible mistake of only diluting with 1 ML of water instead of 5. Needless to say, I ended up in the ER after injecting 0.1 ml :( I got some Phenylephrine, a new vial of Bimix, and waited a month before trying...
  7. H

    What would you do? Further dial in injection or switch to cream?

    Here are my labs on 8 weeks of 100 mg a week split into two injections (we’ll split the injects 5 weeks ago. I thought my levels would be low. They don’t look bad? New Dr wants me to try cream? Old Dr wants me to stay the course with injections. Not feeling good lower sex drive erections aren’t...
  8. R

    Enclomiphene - Dose / Frequency / Follow Up Labs?

    I am starting a trial of enclomiphene. 12.5mg twice a week. Sunday morning and Wednesday evening to evenly split up the dose. The reason I am trialing enclomiphene is to see if it will raise my Free T and whether this will result in an improvement of my symptoms. I am 43, fit, healthy, never...
  9. D

    Dosage and blood work anomaly

    I have an issue I cannot figure out. Been on trt 3.5 years mostly on 140 mg/wk. I had issues with high hematocrit so I started slowly reducing my dose. On 140/wk my total was around 1400. I dropped down to 100/wk and my total test came back over 1500. So I went to 80, came back at 1292. I felt...
  10. N

    Protocol adjustment while overseas for two weeks

    I'm traveling overseas next month for two weeks. I normally injecting twice a week but I'm thinking about injecting the two weeks worth before I go as I'd rather not deal with it while I'm away. Obviously a bit of a spike and dip but I figure guys used to inject once a month and that was...
  11. G

    Help: T and E too high, I'm red etc.

    Hi all, I've been on TRT a little over a year. Started at 100mg a week; was tested a month in and numbers were still low so i was bumped to 150mg a week. I was tested about 6 weeks after the increase and my total t and free t were considered "optimal" - I believe total was right around 1000 and...
  12. J

    Decreasing TRT dose leading to low libido

    Hey guys. First post on this forum. I have been on TRT for a little over 2 years now. Here is my protocol: Test Cyp IM 250mg (125mg E3.5D) Arimidex 0.25mg EOD HCG 500IU SQ 3x a week Cialis 5mg Daily Latest Bloodwork on trough day: TT: 1490 ng/dL FT: 24ng/dL Estradiol (sensitive): 20pg/ml...
  13. D

    Fast Metabolizers?

    Anybody have any theories on why one guy does great on 100mg test/wk and others (like myself) struggle to get their say free test in a good range? I remain curious. Could adrenal or thyroid be a reason?
  14. N

    Thinking of lowering T dose closer to my natural levels.

    So this is just me spot balling here but I've been on trt since late 2016. I'm 45 now.I mainly went on trt so that it would be easier to run a higher dose once or twice a year without having to pct. I also figured the added ability to hold muscle, extra energy, well being, etc, of trt would be...
  15. I

    Advice on low dose daily testosterone

    Hello all, new member but have been reading on here for a while. I have been getting annual bloodwork done for quite some time, and my TT and FT have both been hovering in the low range for a few years... I'm 6'4" 270lbs (have a lifting background but definitely need to lose about 40lbs) and...
  16. A

    Anybody have blood work from before and after splitting dose?

    I’m gonna be splitting my dose of 100mg to 50mg e3.5 days because of high sensitive e2 (865 T 59E2). I was wondering what anyone’s experience is before and after splitting
  17. J

    Considering another TRT provider. Advice please!

    I'm working with a popular Tampa based TRT clinic. I've been with them for years, but have lost a little confidence and been disappointed of late. Like many men with low T (diagnosed at age 35 with total T of 181, but probably a lifelong issue), I'm hoping to finally get my body to look and...
  18. A

    Can bulking cause the need for a higher dose?

    I inject 100mg once a week and it usually has my peak around 1200 trough around 750. Recently started a lean bulk and a month later my trough is now at 550 all LCMS. SHBG is the same in the low 20s. Could the calorie or weight increase be the cause?
  19. T

    Anxiety / poor sleep / heart beat when bumping dose

    I've been experiencing some of this.. mild-moderate anxiety and feeling my heart beat a bit off when bumping my dose. Has anybody experienced this? Did your body adjust to the new dose?
  20. N

    Advice on Protocol Adjustment

    I've been on TRT for a couple of years and don't feel much relief. I was at 40mg e3d. My bloodwork at trough was: Total T: 673 Estradiol Sensitive: 21 SHBG: 35 Free T Calculated: 13.5 I have used HCG on and off and noticed some benefits. I am thinking I need slightly higher doses of T and some...
  21. DixieWrecked

    Novel Idea About Dosage

    Tried to search this but didn't find anything. Has anyone tried continuously changing their T dosage. For example one month at 160/week then one month at 140/week. Then back to 160/week for a month? So on and so forth. The reason for this question is that I have read a few times on this...
  22. T

    Cypionate Dose Reduction

    I have posted a few times about my challenges with e2 management. Well, I gave up trying to dial in with Arimidex, and decided to reduce my dose. My first reduction was from 140 to around 120. It wasn’t fun, but I managed. After 6 weeks my e2 was still running hot, so I went down to about 100 a...
  23. E

    Things went sideways after lowering dose/adding AI

    So, after 8 weeks in, I was feeling great with maybe a little bit of water retention. Here are those labs. After reviewing with defy, we agreed to lower me from 160mg/week (two 80 week) to 140mg (two 70mg) and add 0.1mg adex per week. No HCG or anything else either course. Fast forward 3...
  24. B

    Retooling my TRT to regain benefit... Best Dose schedule for low SHBG....

    After realizing that after 8-9 yrs of being on TRT that I have been using way too much Test for my body... I have been injecting anywhere from 170-220mg per wk, started at 2xWK, then EOD, now ED, from IM to SQ..... my levels have always been top 80% of TT range and top 90-120% of FT range, low...
  25. K

    Dialing in dosing: "Bottom-up" vs. "Top-down"?

    Hi guys, so after a few REALLY miserable days I got my blood drawn today for the doctors 6-week follow up. He is absolutely inexperienced and put me on a really shitty protocol (discussed in other threads) of 125mg/E2W. I've managed to convince him via email to at least agree to weekly...
  26. L

    120mg e5d vs 200mg a week

    I was on 200mg a week and my trough sensitive E2 would never climb above 35 without an AI. Quite some time ago I switched to 120mg every 5 days to try and level out my peaks/trough and have noticed without an AI my E2 can hit 50 and I have trouble dosing the AI and always seem to be going too...
  27. C

    HCG Dosages for TRT, is 250iu E3D enough?

    Hey guys, I used to take 40mg twice a week, no AI no HCG. Levels were mid 600s, and my e2 was in the teens. Felt better than no TRT but still not great. Then I was placed on a protocol of 70mg T Cyp twice per week, and 400iu HCG twice per week. Felt great for 3 weeks, then over time this got my...
  28. L

    Prescribe high arimidex!

    So I started trt about 5 months ago. 1 weekly injection 200 mg test cyp. I really didn't notice any significant changes. Went back for blood work and found that my test was in the 900s but my e2 was 75. He prescribed 1mg arimidex eod. About two days after taking first dose my sex drive went...
  29. M

    Arimidex Dose and Timing

    Got my blood work back and wanted some input. Currently on Test C 100 mg/ml a week taken every third day with 250 iu HCG. I have been taking Arimidex .5 mg EOD. Got my blood work back. Timing as follows: Tuesday Took​ 50ml Test C 250 iu HCG .5 Adex Thursday .5 Adex 5 am Blood draw...
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