dialy injections

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    Advice on low dose daily testosterone

    Hello all, new member but have been reading on here for a while. I have been getting annual bloodwork done for quite some time, and my TT and FT have both been hovering in the low range for a few years... I'm 6'4" 270lbs (have a lifting background but definitely need to lose about 40lbs) and...
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    Injections once weekly

    I know ths question has been asked a few times, but I couldnt find one specific to mine. Anyhow, been on TRT now for a month. Started with 100mg once a week, and was told since I have some body fat, my estrogen is probably high, and I would benefit from injecting at least twice a week. Well, I...
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    ED injections vs EOD

    Hello! I’ve heard people say that if you have low SHBG that more frequent injections are better. What is considered more frequent injections, ED or EOD? My SHBG is 12. Can someone say for sure there is a measurable difference between the ED and EOD? For example, did free T go up even more?
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