deca durabolin

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  1. T

    Just started TRT My Testosterone levels were extremely low at 100

    I'm new to this experience but I have learned much just over the last month or so since I just started at a TRT Clinic. Originally I met with the Doctor before my labs were done and explained that I want to do this for my Health, mental as well as physical. I'm wanting to become the best version...
  2. K.pietera

    Deca in shoulder inject

    Hi there , I have a short question , is it safe / possible to inject deca in the deltoid muscle ?
  3. U

    Terrible Nandrolone Experience

    So I've been on 100mg of testosterone a week for a while now. I split my doses into 50mg twice a week. My doc suggested using 50mg of nandrolone to help with joint pain. I took 25mg of nandrolone with my testosterone dose at the beginning of the week and then I took 25mg more of nandrolone on my...
  4. N

    Experiences using Deca Durabolin or NPP for TRT?

    Hi all. So, I am very sensitive to DHT. Even 125mg TEST E every 6 days gives me bad scalp acne/cysts. I would like to hear from people that have used Deca Durabolin og NPP for TRT. Or maybe a mix of Deca/Test (80/20 for instance) Its could have some benefits, since the Anabolic/Androgenic...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel Talks About Nandrolone, hCG, Hormone Ratios, AI’s, and More

  6. B

    Another nandrolone question, re potential cardiac issues

    I've been reading a lot of seemingly conflicting information on nandrolone and would like to know what is considered the current thinking on its cardio toxicity Studies like this concern me but the abstract doesn't mention the dose the monkeys were...
  7. B

    Can TRT cause kidney cysts?

    Thankfully my urologist thinks the cysts I've developed at just multiple simple cysts, not kidney disease, but he's not sure what could have caused them. I eliminated the celebrex I was taking and to help my arthritis my TRT doctor put me on 100mg of deca a week to go with 100mg test, is there...
  8. P

    nandrolone- atrophy in quads? Also, legalities and terminology

    I'm on a weekly dose of 180mg of Test Cyp due to low T. Have been for years. I am 50 years old. I was thinking of getting a low dose of Nandrolone to see if it can help provide some relief in joints, but I'd also be interested in seeing if it could give me some gains. I'd probably run go with up...
  9. P

    Low Dose Nandrolone

    Hi, all. I had an appointment with my provider today, and he recommended low dose nandrolone with my current trt protocol. I'm currently on daily propionate injections, and they work really well. My problem is that I have a lot of joint problems, and he is hoping that deca will offer some...
  10. H

    Does anyone use Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin) ?

    My doc offered my nandrolone and aid it would help me build muscle. I read about it and it looks like it causes erectile dysfunction. When I asked him about it, he said that for some people, it can, but if it does, regular function comes back a few weeks after stopping. I read something...
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