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  1. D

    Trying daily sub-Q cypionate

    It was like 6 weeks with weekly shots to reach "steady state", how long on daily shots?
  2. C

    Anxiety- monoamine oxidase?

    Anyone know or understand anything about how this pertains to TRT anxiety? I’ve seemed to have anxiety on TRt for really the entirety of the 6 years I’ve been on. I’m currently on a low 10mg SQ daily dose, and honestly the anxiety has been way worse. Random heart rate spikes in the afternoon...
  3. B

    Help measuring insulin syringe

    Hey guys sorry but I am stupid. How do I measure 15-20 mg from those syringes?syringes are 40 units...do I have to decide 250 mg to 40? Which line would be 15 and which line 20?
  4. M

    Daily shots in the morning or evening?

    Next week i want to start daily injections again. Im gonna try 10mg test E daily. But if i inject in the morning around 6am, then enanthate should peak by the evening am i right? Should it be better to inject in the evening so you peak in the morning? Have some of you tried this and notice a...
  5. U

    question on daily injections

    After utilizing a 24 mg EOD protocol, my estrodial is still high. I'm thinking this may be why I am having some ed issues still. Lab results right before next injection: Testosterone total (MS): 587 ng/dl (250-1100) Testosterone free (dialysis): 139.5 pg/ml (35-155) Estrodial ultrasensitive...
  6. S

    Allergic reaction to test proprionate?

    I've been using 15 mg of test prop daily for a few weeks now. I rotate between six injection sites. Lab values are right where I want them to be. I am kind of a stoic so I tend to ignore side effects but I finally realized yesterday that all six of my injection sites are achy and/or inflamed...
  7. W

    Tips on how to blend propionate with enanthate (or cypionate)?

    I have been having some success with low dose daily propionate for the last several months. Dose levels have ranged from 8-10 mg injected every morning after waking. Overall, it has been a far better experience than my previous cypionate protocol of 80-100 per week (split every 3.5 days)...
  8. A

    Has anyone gone from EOD to Daily injections? Do you feel any difference?

    Im Currently on 30 mg test cyp every other day, and I’ve noticed that on my injection day I feel off. Just got blood work done, I’m assuming my SHBG is super low because since I got on TRT around a year ago it’s gone from 80 n/mol to 45 n/mol to 35 n/mol to 29 n/mol. So I’m assuming it’s even...
  9. Robotics

    Anyone inject inner thigh? Getting Muscle Spasms (daily injector)

    I am a daily injector (29 gauge 1/2 inch) I was injecting outer thigh shallow IM for a while, concerned about scar tissue moved over to inner thigh (which is more fatty). Has worked well so far, but had the expect increase in E2 and decrease in TT as most see with a move to sub-q, though it is...
  10. I

    Best time to inject testosterone?

    For anyone doing daily or every other day shots... does it make any difference to any of you, if you inject in the morning or at night? I know some guys who take bigger shots once or twice a week, say that injecting at night can impact their sleep etc... But i havent seen much from the guys...
  11. S

    Some success, some challenges w/ daily protocol

    On the advice of Defy I switched to a daily protocol 12 weeks ago. I was on 140 mg of test (70 mg twice a week) and 150 IU/day of HCG. I now inject 18 mg of test daily w/ no change to HCG dose. I just ran my first labs after 12 weeks. In terms of side effect management it has been a complete...
  12. C

    Best way to take supplements with thyroid medication

    So i have thyroid combination treatment for hypothyroid with TRT 125mcg T4 + 40mcg T3 day. What is the best and proper way to take supplements that they dont interferce each others absortion and my thyroid medication. I know magnesium, calcium iron etc have to take about 6h away from thyroid...
  13. V

    Peak & trough timing on daily subq injections?

    I'm on daily subcutaneous testosterone cypionate injections and my doctor always has me do my labs in a 4-5 hour window post injection. I know T levels are pretty stable on daily injections but does anyone know the timing of the peak and trough for daily subq cypionate injections? I just want...
  14. Robotics

    Only Get Libido During a Protocol Change?

    I only seem to get libido and good/random erections during a protocol change, I have reduced my dosage several times and each time I get good libido in week 2 or 3 and then it dissapears. I am a daily low shbg injector. Has anyone dealt with this and how did you rectify it? Theory #1. it was...
  15. J

    Arimidex dosage timing schedule²

    Hello everybody, I am from France but i will try to do my best so you can understand me. My protocol is : Daily test 16mg HCG 500ui 2times a week And i need an AI but i wonder what is the best option of timing I am lean, i eat clean, and i do cardio and some weight lifting 2 to 3 times a week...
  16. H

    Daily injections question

    Question for anyone here that switched from E3.5D injections to daily. How much E2 and HCT changed? I am planning in switching to daily injections but don’t want to tank my E2 in case daily injections really slows down aromatization (i will monitor E2 after 6-8 weeks of protocol change). My SHBG...
  17. Jason Sypolt

    Injecting Testosterone Propionate on a Daily Basis

    After 6 months on daily T Cyp I felt that there was still a lot of room for improvement for me. I still just wasn't "feeling" it much. So I switched from Cypionate to Propionate. Having been on it for a couple of weeks now, I have a significantly higher/consistent energy level throughout the...
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