coming off testosterone

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    Pregnyl powder shelf life

    I plan on coming off TRT and want to know if I can use Pregnyl 5000IU that I had locked away just in case for this reason. The date on them says S.K.T. 2018-01. They are just in powder form. They are not in bacteriostatic water.
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    Coming off trt?

    Been on ugl 150mg Test E per week for 5 years. I started at age 26 after seeing the results of only one blood test. Total T was ~450 ng/dL. See attached. The reason I went on T was for mental health. I wanted to be more confident and to reduce social anxiety. I should have done way more blood...
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    Ceasing TRT Cold Turkey After Three Years - Restart Log

    This post is going to serve solely as a log of my side effects, blood work and overall thoughts as I attempt to come off TRT - cold turkey - after three years. I'm also going to document changes in body composition and strength levels; I'm not particularly big, strong or lean, but I haven't seen...
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    Considering coming off after three years - advice needed

    My situation is complex and this post will likely be quite long. I'm in quite dire states at the minute, so I'd be extremely grateful if you could read the post in it's entirety. I started TRT three years ago at age 19; I am still not dialled in, and I now have a whole host of other issues that...
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    my ~6 months post trt labs (being off trt)

    Hello everybody :) I promised to post my labwork off trt so finally got them done I came off with no pct just cold turkey. my last labs on trt (~1 year ago) when I was on 2 clicks on t gel 20% were test total 401 free 9.1 e2 sensitive 7.9 so basically labs are pretty much same off trt but e2 is...
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    Advice for coming off Test Cyp

    Hi, I am a 35 year old male and have been taking 80mg Test cyp twice per week. 160 mg weekly injections for about 9-10 months. I was originally put on by my doc for testosterone suppression while taking suboxone. Total T was in the low 200”s. My latest about two weeks ago was 900. My doc put...
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