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  1. B

    Considering starting TRT. My blood work is attached.

    All, I have some Low-T symptoms most notably brain fog, no drive, ED, and no libido. I believe some of this may be due to me not getting quality sleep. I usually sleep 6-7 hours per night, but even if I get 8 or more hours, I still feel tired. As far as the libido goes though, I can't...
  2. L

    Do I qualify for HRT? Posting my Blood Test Results.

    Do I qualify for HRT? Posting my Blood Test Results. 53 Year old male. Symptoms: No sex drive, loss of self, loss of the tenacity I used to have, apathetic, affecting marrage. Surgery for bi-lateral torsion testicles when I was 16. Got tested in late 20's - sperm count was OK. My...
  3. L

    Need assistance in understanding blood test results - Ranges not defined?

    Hello, My first posting. 51 year old male 5'8" - 235lbs Powerlifter build, muscular but 27-30% body fat Testosterone - Serum (Final) - Testosterone Result: 7.9 Reference Range: 5.2 - 23.7 The lab did not define what these reference ranges measurements are? Please help. Can...
  4. A

    Anybody use low low low normal dose to successfully address high hemoglobin and hematocrit levels?

    Anybody use low low low normal dose to successfully address high hemoglobin and hematocrit levels? I am currently down to only 75mg a week (100mg strength vial). Even doing daily shots now for months and months and my numbers still keep creeping up until i have to donate blood! At what point...
  5. D

    Failed PCT?

    started TrT 2 years ago with TT of 345 and normal LH. Was on HCG for a month prior to last pin and a week after. Been on a month of 25mg enclo and these are my results. Do I have any chance at recovery, or is this the best I am going to get? Thanks.
  6. D

    Grounding Reduces Blood Viscosity
  7. R

    Blood testing

    So While on TRT since we are using exogenous Injections we don’t need to fast before a test for testosterone or free testosterone right ? I’m not doing any lipid panels or anything
  8. B

    Doc gave me a requisition number - do I get to see the results?

    My TRT doc gave a me a LabCorp requisition number for bloodwork. Do I get to the see the results of the blood work or do they go directly to him first? Also can I see what will be checked with the bloodwork via the requisition before the blood is taken (I may want to add additional tests for my...
  9. R

    How many vials ?

    I’m getting prepared to do a blood test and it will be fasted (everyone’s least favorite) . And I’m not every good with these I’m trying to mentall prepare myself for how long and how many vials will be filled does anyone have an idea how many approx? Thank you
  10. A

    If blood comes leaking out does that mean I also lost Test?

    I did my shot IM and z tracked but as soon as I pulled the needle out blood came gushing down the side of my leg and it looked like a lot. I’m afraid I lost my shot
  11. A

    Blood in hub of syringe!

    I just injected .5cc 1nch into my quad and when I aspirated i only saw air. After injecting I pushed hard on the plunger to make sure all the testosterone got in me. When I pulled out I noticed the entire hub was full of blood. Did I inject into a vein or vessel? If so is this a wasted shot I...
  12. FlipFlops

    Cannot give Blood due to high RHR

    I can never seen to get my hear rate below 100 to give blood. I was wondering if there is an alternative that does not require a Doc visit. I looked to see if LabCorp offered just a Phlembotomy, but it does not appear so. If I do a full blood panel, will that act the same as giving blood...
  13. G

    Blood coming out from Delt injection Shallow IM?

    I started Shallow IM injections a week ago, alternating Delts for now to keep it simple. I use a 29G 1/2'' insulin syringe. Every day has been painless and bloodless until today, when it hurt more going in and when I pulled out some blood came out. Not much, just a drop that went down my...
  14. T

    Timing of injection and labs

    First off, thank you all for making this place such a great place for information. Long time reader here but first time posting. Right to business....43 yr old male here, been taking TRT and thyroid replacement therapy for 10 yrs. Moved to Houston from North Carolina 4 yrs ago and my doctor...
  15. N

    Donating blood is hard AF right now.

    I’ve been having the hardest time donating blood since the pandemic. No mobile blood drives and the alternative to the Red Cross is booked for weeks.. I was also told last time I used the Red Cross my numbers were too high and I’ll be denied forever until I call a number they gave me...
  16. F

    Blood work help.

    Hi everyone, I got my blood work back that was recommnded to get done because of all the injuries and pain I was having. I looked through it but was hoping more experienced people can look through it. If you need a back story checkpoint my profile. The only one that I see is off based on numbers...
  17. M

    Low MCH and High Hematocrit

    Some background: 50 year old male, 6'1, 230 lbs. Back in Feb 2020, I had internal intestinal bleeding. Ended up losing 8 pints of blood. Hemaglobin dropped to 8.0 and did not require a transfusion. By 2/26 and taking iron pills, got my Hemaglobin up to 9.8. Ive been on TRT for over 10 years...
  18. D

    New Labs - Still Lacking Libido

    Hey all, Just received my latest lab work from Lab Corp. I was expecting some different results since I have been having some libido issues. Not sure where to go from here, everything looks like it is in an acceptable range or better. Trying to figure out the missing puzzle piece to my libido...
  19. T

    blood test time

    Switched to 3.5-day shots Tues.- 6 am and Fri.- 6 pm. Coming up on 6 weeks Fri., should I give blood early Fri. morn when they open at 8 am or when they close at 4 pm? Do most people not drink or eat the night before giving blood?
  20. C

    When to take blood sample

    Hi. I am used to taking blood sample in the morning (before starting trt 16 weeks ago). Now I want to know how my hormone levels develop from week to week (Nebido) in order to manage the correct interval of injection. Due to my work, I am no longer able to test during the morning, but more so...
  21. S

    Three month bloods in - couple questions

    Got a couple of weeks before my appointment with Dr Saya, but my results are in. There's a few red flags, and hoping someone could shed some light on them so that I feel a little bit better! *I tried posting this in the bloodwork section but kept getting a page not found error* I'm 34 years...
  22. S

    3 month blood test results red flags

    Got a couple of weeks before my appointment with Dr Saya, but my results are in. There's a few red flags, and hoping someone could shed some light on them so that I feel a little bit better! I'm 34 years old, and have never had any major blood test red flags aside from slightly elevated...
  23. D

    Donating Blood (or plasma) question...

    So I recently donated blood and the girl was saying how they would like me to consider donating plasma. I'm AB+ so I guess I'm a good fit. As most of us know, they're is an ancillary benefit to donating blood when on TRT. I was unfamiliar with plasma donating...guess they sperate the red blood...
  24. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    Oops! now what?

    Hi Guys. I tried to inject myself today in that "ventrogluteal" area (spelling?) and hit a gusher when I pulled out the needle. Blood dripped down my leg on floor etc. (a lot of blood). I thought everything was ok, no pain just all the blood. I know many aspirate but it's hard enough to hit...
  25. D

    8 weeks into TRT - need help with protocol adjustments

    34yo male, 5′10, 185lb, low(ish) bodyfat, healthy diet, weight training 3-5/week I've read the stickies and I'm sorry I won't have all the required lab test results for you to provide. Still working this thing out with my doc who for some reason doesn't want to order too much labs so might have...
  26. W

    Ultrasensitive Estradiol test -* shipping blood from abroad?

    Hello. I am 29, male, from Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) and we do not have a lab that does the ultrasensitive estradiol test. Does anyone here know a lab that accepts blood from abroad, shipped in the correct way- refrigerated/frozen etc...? I will start HRT because I have been chronically ill...
  27. H

    Low ferritin and high total iron

    I have been donating blood every 2/3 months and my ferritin levels are low (11 - range 20-345) but my total iron is high (216 - range 50-180). Other test results below: Iron binding capacity 482 - range 250-425 % saturation 45 - range 15-60 Any comments why is that? If dangerous and how to fix it?
  28. V

    Just got my Labs back.....

    just got my labs back, I'm a 46 year old guy struggling with Chronic Fatigue and low libido and low energy. i'm not taking any medication yet. Can somebody shed some light on these results? ----------------------------- Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum - 118.5 H nmol/L (16.5-55.9) Testosterone,Free...
  29. O

    Just done a blood test, need your opinion.

    Symptoms: Fatigue (sometimes severe), overweight, Gynecomastia, loss of memory and concentration, depression, acne, Age: 36 Male Height 5 11 , weight 222 , activity level:extremely low, very stressful life :( ..i take nexuim, addarel, fish oil, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, melatonin, OTC...
  30. H

    Shallow IM need to aspirate

    I am currently injecting shallow IM in the vastus lateralis with a 27G 1/2 insulin needle. 1 out of 5 injections i get a tiny drop of blood coming out of the injection site. Basically everytime it hurts for the needle to get inside there is a tiny amount of blood when the needle comes out. that...
  31. T

    Did my doctor order the best test for me?

    Hi all, I got my first blood test back (pre trt) from quest diagnostics (image attached). I've looked through a lot of posts and videos and my test does not look like most tests I see online. Did my doc order the best test for me? I can see the testosterone is low (as I expected) but are...
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