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  1. G

    Applying Critical Thinking to Longevity Research: Video from Chris Masterjohn

    The linked video has IMO a lot of great points that everyone who follows the developments in this area should be aware of. It's very relevant for the IMO over-rated concept of calorie restriction and the anti-Growth Hormone arguments, and lots of other topics as well:
  2. S

    Arthritis drug rejuvenates blood stem cells in mice
  3. BigTex

    Effect of metformin on the epigenetic age

    Background: Metformin has been proven to have an antiaging effect. However, studies on how metformin affects global epigenetic regulation and its effect on the epigenetic clock in diabetes mellitus (DM) patients are limited. This study aims to investigate the impact of metformin on the...
  4. I

    2.5-5mg daily tadalafil

    What do you think can be the benefits and potential negatives of long-term usage of daily tadalafil? Many folks says it is only beneficial for blood pressure and blood vessels health. I still cannot assume a medication has no side effects. A doctor I talked to told me it can cause decrease in...
  5. bochinit

    Testosterone decrease collagen?

    I am searching last weeks about it because I read on some place that testosterone decrease collagen synthesis but I don't know if it's true or not. This means we can end up with flacid/older skin? Does someone have interest on anti-aging subject? Or there are someone old here on trt or even...
  6. C

    Anyone using Tretinoin (Retin-A) for anti-aging or for acne?

    I don’t think I am aging too fast but I am 45 and I want to keep looking young as long as possible. Ive done a search on the board with not much or any results. Wondering if anyone here has tried Tretinoin long-term for anti-aging and whether they thought it was worth it. Like did it make you...
  7. S

    Any options other than my primary doctor?

    I’ve recently decided to find a new Dr. for my trt but I’m not sure where to look. Basically he just doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ve talked with an anti-aging clinic near me and their program would run me a couple hundred a month and I’m not sure how reliable an anti aging clinic is. Are...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Will Metformin Become the First Anti-Aging Drug?

    A committed group of scientists is seeking to validate metformin as the first-ever anti-aging medication.1,2 In this day of staggering drug prices, metformin is available as a low-cost generic. One mechanism by which metformin works is by activating AMPK, an enzyme inside cells that lowers...
  9. B

    Anti-Aging and Hormone Balancing Practices

    It may surprise you to learn that many people undergoing anti-aging treatments suffer from mood-disorders in the form of depression and anxiety. Symptoms that can arise range from insomnia and fatigue, to difficulty concentrating and memory issues. Because anti-aging practices can rely on...
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Clinical Experience of a Diet Designed to Reduce Aging

    J Appl Res. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2010 Mar 3. Published in final edited form as: J Appl Res. 2009 Jan 1; 9(4): 159–165. Clinical Experience of a Diet Designed to Reduce Aging Ron Rosedale, M.D., Eric C. Westman, M.D., M.H.S.,1 and John P. Konhilas, Ph.D. Abstract Objective...
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