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  1. T

    I seem to disproportionately aromatize from alcohol - any suggestions?

    On TRT I'm not able to drink alcohol with what I would describe as an estrogen hangover. I haven't blood tested, but I have been on clomid before so feel like I can tell my E2 gets too high. My levels on TRT around 600 trough with EOD injections, with a good free T for that level. I also have a...
  2. T

    Experimenting with Arimidex when drinking alcohol

    I have been on TRT for 9 months (age 28), but have found that it doesn't mix with alcohol well. I've only drunk 3 times, but each time I get what feels like an estrogen hangover that lasts for a couple of days. I don't have blood tests to prove this, but when I drink I get acute bloating, acne...
  3. D

    how much will daily usage of alcohol increase SHBG?

    so due to low T for a long time i sadly got into drinking alcohol for like 5 months now, daily (except a week and some days off here and there) around 12 beers a day. obviously that needs to stop and im already trying to reduce and then stop alcohol completely. so, ive heard that alcohols...
  4. T

    Testosterone gel for the balls

    If anybody's wondering whether this can be done without burning.. I've tried pouring a thin layer of testosterone gel onto aluminum paper, let it stay out for around.. 2-3 hours, then apply to the balls. The idea is to let some of the ethanol evaporate. And why I do this.. I can't get the...
  5. E

    Alcohol Consumption and TRT/HCG

    Hello all. I'm sure of you have been on TRT for a while and still enjoy yourselves a sip of whiskey, glass of wine or a nice IPA. I want to do this right. I didn't decide to get on trt and hcg and kill it with alcohol/bad eating. I'm already an avid exerciser and eat very healthy. I'm not...
  6. M

    Drinking alcohol on TRT

    50 year old male. Drinking 5-6 drinks on a Saturday (about 1 drink per hour) starting 2pm to 10 pm watching the basketball games. On TRT for 10 years. Arimidex at 1/2 pill twice per week. Testosterone subq injections in thigh 2 times per week .05 ml each time. (1 ml per week). Testosterone...
  7. L

    New to TRT question about drinking

    I generally try not to drink that much. A few glasses of wine or beer per week and then once a week or so I enjoy having 6-10 drinks with the boys if we are out having a good time. Is this ok to do on TRT? I have read a lot about how is ups your E2.
  8. DragonBits

    Does anything lower testosterone when on TRT?

    Natural testosterone can be affected by many things, alcohol, lack of sleep, supplements, time of day you test, etc. BUT when you are on TRT, does anything work to lower your total testosterone? What I see addressed is what lowers natural production of testosterone, but does any of those...
  9. W

    Drinking with Metformin

    How would you guys handle this situation?? About 3 months ago i started Metfromin at 1g daily. In about a month I'll be getting together with a group of buddies for our annual 4 days of shenanigans. We will be drinking alcohol in excess for most of each day, probably starting Bloody Marry's...
  10. Z

    Alcohol - Depressed and Weak Following Binge

    So yes, there are post on this forum about alcohol and TRT. But nothing I could find in this forum and nothing specific to mine. Anyways I have been pretty dialed in the last 3 weeks, it took almost 2 months to get there. The other day I went out with my buddy and got pretty drunk. Had like 5...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Hangover Cure: Dihydromyricetin (DHM)?

    I am starting to believe this stuff really works. Has anyone used it? Dihydromyricetin - Ultimate Guide to DHM |
  12. DragonBits

    Supplemental alcohol needed to increase hdl ?

    I think I will need to drink at least 5 oz of wine a day to increase HDL cholesterol by 10%. This seems like a good way to raise my HDL, the only downside I see is 5 oz of wine is ~133 calories. I have read this can also increase my insulin sensitivity, but on the other hand is a source of...
  13. R

    Drinking alcohol and injecting testosterone at the same day

    Greetings. Is there any contraindication for injecting testosterone and drinking alcohol at the same day? I made my injection at 5 p.m and i am planning to drink at around 8 p.m. Can it effect absorption of testosterone negatively or something like that? I've been doing it for a while now, but...
  14. T

    Marijuana and alcohol effect on testosterone

    I'm going to a new testosterone doctor and had a few questions: Does marijuana increase estrogen or cause gynecomastia? At 175MG of testosterone cypionate every 6 days intra muscularly and HCG sub q, do I need anastrazole? Does drinking a good amount of alcohol hinder the benefits of TRT...
  15. T

    Does Alcohol Affect TRT Results?

    Hey guys - do you guys drink occasionally while on a trt regimen? Like on weekends and not on weekdays?
  16. Nelson Vergel

    Habitual alcohol consumption associated with reduced semen quality and hormones

    BMJ Open 2014;4:e005462 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-005462 Reproductive medicine Research Habitual alcohol consumption associated with reduced semen quality and changes in reproductive hormones; a cross-sectional study among 1221 young Danish men Authors Abstract Objective Study associations...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Moderate alcohol intake did not affect sperm quality and increased testosterone in men

    The testosterone increase was most probably due to a slow down of liver metabolism of testosterone caused by alcohol. Hum Reprod. 2014 Jun 3. pii: deu118. [Epub ahead of print] Alcohol and male reproductive health: a cross-sectional study of 8344 healthy men from Europe and the USA. Jensen TK...
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