advice on trt

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    Been on trt for 2 years and still no libido ..# libido

    Hi all I went onto trt in 2017 . Doc prescribed gel for my low testosterone results. Obviously this didn't do anything so eventually I went onto nebido which was every 12 weeks then I went privately to a doctor in the UK who prescribed me testosterone cypionate and HCG.. after 2 months I had to...
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    any advice after lab test

    Lab test since i started TRt sub q. Lab test done always same day: 3 days after injection (12 hours before the second weekly injection) 2x50mg TE (each 3,5 days), 2x300 hcg (each 3,5 days). when i started trt my TT was 2,51 ng ml. First lab test after 4 week only: TT 6,9 ng ml E2 68.5 pg ml...
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    Advice and opinions needed/should I or shouldnt I?

    Hey guys, first time poster…39 years old next month. I’ve been getting bloodwork done each year for a long time…i first had my Total and Free testosterone etc checked about 6 years ago. Back then, my reading was mid 400s for total t…it has steadily gone down each year and finally this year was...