advice on first lab results on trt

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  1. J

    My first labs

    A bit confused by these results. I think I was being mistreated on BioTE pellets and have converted to T-cyp 40mg IM M-W-F and HCG 500 IU T-Th-Sat. Total test: 928 Free test: 12 Estradiol sensitive: 5.9 SHBG: 78 DHEA: 574 Why so low on the free testosterone? What to do about the SHBG?
  2. S

    2 months since started TRT. Are these results good?

    I started Testosterone gel (50mg daily) about 2 months ago and here are my pre and post trt numbers. Would love some insight if they are good? I was initially put on trt due to low free testosterone w symptoms (libido, ed, low energy, sweats, anxiety, low mood). Pre TRT (29 yo healthy male)...
  3. T

    Idea for Uniform Lab Results

    I've been reading a lot of posts with lab results, and there is no uniform way they are presented. Someone will post a pic with their personal info left on by accident, someone will type a list, someone will run everything together, someone will leave out critical information. So my question...
  4. N

    New TRT Patient -- Thank You, Fighting an Invisible Enemy, Your Thoughts !!

    I am a 51 years old, 250 pounds (17% body fat), retired GI, who exercises regularly (weights and cardio 4-6 days a week), eats clean, and doesn't smoke or drink. I have experience all of the classic low T symptoms for several years. It's difficult to say when this began as they slowly...
  5. K

    14 weeks in / first lab results

    Please help review my first set of lab results after 14 weeks of TRT treatment. I would really appreciate it. Protocol: 200mg of test cyp split twice per week. 500mg HCG twice per week the day after each pin along with .50 Armidex. I feel ok but a do get some brain fog and slight fatigue. Libido...
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