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    Lightbulb Level in DANGER off drop cant get my testosterone filled due PA n new b work wanted. HELP any answer

    HELLO, so ive been gratefull for this site now about a year on here. Im keith from NYC 31yo male had depression and paxil killed my libido along with other drugs ...got my t on track and now this....

    My journey started about a year ago on TRT IM 100mg q 7 days i do it at home. i get pfizer brand 200mg vials. ne way all has been great for the last year on it levels are perfect things cudnt be better... i went to refill my Test. last week and it has 2 refills left and no one has said anything. and when I go to get it I get told , " we need u to get new blood work and do a prior Auth again" ....they dont care my levels r going to drop and apparently my dr doesnt really eather. i rushed to the lab on valentines day to get all the blood work and put a rush on it which my doc forgot to put wonderful ! .. so as of today i am 9 days in with out any injections!!! .... im furious... they r going so slow .....im so scared im going to drop back down so low so fast, by the time this happens , last time i had a problem it took 3 months. the small up side...

    I have a left over bottle of generic androgel 1% u need 8 pumps to get 100mg transdermal....anyway i have been usign that every day since the 10th.... i have small headaches....trying to masterbate takeing MACA root, V. E and b 6...a lot of water and protene shakes and staying active....im trying to keep this in real perspective and not physc my self out....Does anything think, if I continue the shit gel I will be at least "Healed over" and not crash and burn?

    im guessing about another week.......please brutally honest answers i just need to know the deal ... and im still not a pro at this... and ive worked so hard to get here this is just terrible, plus i got off paxil and depression went away , so i have those worries of that comming back ...so im just bugging.....
    any feedback wud help ease my mind.

    i just cant belive my insurance company told me "Keith, every 6 months we need to do this" WHY THE **** DID MY PHARM OR doc not tell me. or am i just physcic i would have had his done months ago so there wud be no gap had i known!!/
    . i feel like this is harmful to make someones hormones go nuts ..... mind u they dont know i have that emergency bottle of generic gel (which is so shitty btw) ... anyway.. .with the 80-100mg transdermal daily... will I make it ?
    thanks guys
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