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    1 month TRT at 250mg enanthate & now i have bad insomnia & Anxiety

    As the title says, i suddenly for the first time in my life got bad insomnia and well it sucks real bad!! i suspect something happened with cortisol as my insomnia is characterised by many constant wakings in the night with a sort of adrenalin response!

    Again this only happened after my 1 month of TRT, keep in mind my doctor cut me off TRT after this sleep issue began in the hopes that my body somehow normalizes. My intention with this post is to find out how to handle the sleep issue.

    Any advice would be great!!

    T levels before TRT were 320ng/dl
    my AM cortisol was very high when checked last.
    My E2 levels at the end of TRT were 41, with 40 representing the upper range in germany.
    1 month TRT at 250mg Enanchate every 12 days
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    Cutting off TRT cold turkey is rarely the right answer. Your HPTA axis is shut down now so your T levels are likely to be lower than before you started TRT, and even best case, your level will go back to 320, which is quite low.

    For PM cortisol, try taking micronized DHEA with dinner or right before bed. I have had nighttime high cortisol in the past and this helped a great deal. I also like Lemon Balm before bed to help with sleep.

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    Micronized DHEA ok ill remember that!! P.s. i know that my TRT picture is abit grim, but at the current moment i have to find a way to sleep which is in my oppinion the most important thing to answer. So my effort here is to find maybe some similar experiences, and maybe some ways to address the issue such as with your DHEA suggestion.


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    By the way ERO, is Glycene and Seriphos still your golden goose?

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    DHEA opposes Cortisol, which is why it helps those that have a cortisol spike at night. In some guys DHEA also raises E2, so watch for that as well. I also take a small dose of time-release Melatonin (for me and a fair number of folks, a small dose works well, but a large dose does nothing) along with 500mg of Lemon Balm and I sleep quite well most of the time now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Between2worlds View Post
    By the way ERO, is Glycene and Seriphos still your golden goose?
    Seriphos changed their formulation and now it does not work at all. Look at the recent reviews on Amazon and people are really hating on the new formula since it worked great before but does not work now at all for most folks.

    I do still like Glycene. It is very cheap in power form and it tastes good just mixed with water.

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    Yeah i saw they changed their formulation!!! horrible stuff!

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    I see ERO! very interesting!! I have a strong feeling its a cortisol issue due to not sleeping deep, and waking up shocked & flustered afew times a night, Fight or flight kind of mode.

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    also the constant anxiety was crazy!!! that has subsided to some degree, But im assuming that is because of the *TRT side effect* of anxiety.

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    I also had problems sleeping when i first started TRT, but my body eventually adjusted to the changes. It takes time to get things worked out, a 250mg blast all at once is probably a jolt to your system. Most of us use a smaller amount (60 t0 100mg twice a week) it produces more natural and stable levels. You need to plan on spending 6mos to a year getting what works best for you fiqured out, and it definitly helps have a doctor with the best TRT knowledge

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    There was a time I had sleep issues. What worked best for we was ZMA. Now I sleep best when I take nothing for sleep, it's strange how things change.

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    true words man

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    the body is strange and beautiful

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post

    Hmm,interesting!!although My sleep issues only happened on TRT, before that i slept like a baby so im not sure that anything historical could have been the reason for my issues.

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