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    Gyms in Houston

    I personally really like the equipment, space, parking availability and their cafe at FIT on Waugh St in Houston. It is a bit more expensive than chain gyms but definitely more exclusive. Their air conditioning is great. Pete, the manager, is very attentive to his clientele.

    Houston Gym is also great for those who want to get serious about bodybuilding. The owners and trainers are very experienced in designing diet and exercise programs for those who want to get serious about reshaping their bodies.

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    Every gym should be of this type.

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    Metroflex Houston

    So...I train here, or in my garage.

    I cannot recommend this gym to most people. It's dirty and broken down. The only amenities are that if you train here, you are probably very serious about your training, there is a significant amount of strongman equipment, and dumbbells up to 200#. There is a lot of anabolics usage here, in fact, it's more widespread than any gym I've ever been in in about 25 years of training in serious gyms.

    I like the place. Chances are you won't. That's OK though. You'll know almost instantly if this is the place for you.

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