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    I feel great in regard to T-levels. They were 1150 and I've never felt better, but when the doc saw my E levels at 64 she panicked and said we have to get that down immediately, so she put me on 1mg of Arimidex EVERY DAY and 10mg of Tamoxifin EVERY DAY. I didn't like the side effects from the AI and the Tamoxifin, side effects included headache, blurred vision, roller coaster of tiredness, and just an overall "weird" feeling. These side effects overpowered the positive results I was experiencing with the elevated T levels. The Tamoxifin was to prevent gyno, thankfully I've yet to have any warning symptoms of gyno, but she was scared at my E being too high.
    Ya holy sh*t! I tried 0.25mg EOD and it took my E2 from 70 to 9. You’re taking 4x what I took and you’re taking it everyday compared to EOD! Doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’re gonna have zero estrogen and feel like death! Plus they put you on Tamoxifin on top of the Anastrozole. Which I’m not 100% sure if that would make things worse or not, but it definitely wouldn’t help! Lol

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    Ya all that evolutionary stuff is fascinating to me! I could go on about it for days. So you said you had to lower your T dose when you went up to 1200iu’s/ week, did you lower your T down to 100mg, or was your blood work while on the 100mg and going down to 80mg is the lowering you were talking about? Also do you take any AI?
    I am going from 100 E3.5D to 80 E3.5D (from 200/week to 160/week). I take 0.3mg of a'dex when I pin (so 0.6mg per week). My E2 was steady at around 30, which is good for me.

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    Closing this thread since it has lost its original purpose.

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