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    Las Vegas Doctors with TRT knowledge?

    I just moved from Ohio to Las Vegas NV. I had a good DR in Ohio who understood TRT and now iím Back at square 1. I just visited my PCP for the first time and he has no knowledge of anyone that would prescribe HCG. He is sending me to an endocrinologist that might be familiar but its several months before I can get in. I donít want to run around to multiple places so if anyone on here lives in or near Las Vegas please let me know of a knowledgeable Dr.


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    I know a couple people who go to Dr John Pierce with Ageless Forever and really like him. I don't know if he prescribes HCG or anything about his protocol. He focuses on the entire picture including vitamins/mineral levels / blood work as part of TRT to get you feeling better (wellness/preventative). I have not met him or been to his office. There a many TRT mills that I would be leary of using but I have no personal knowledge.

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    I can get you more information regarding PrimeBody if that is something you'd be interested in.
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