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    DHEA/Pregnenolone Question...

    My DHEA levels are always at the top end of the normal range. Is this a good indication that my pregnenolone levels are good? I'm curious if there is a positive correlation between DHEA and pregnenolone. Thanks

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    I think progesterone levels would give the best picture of your pregnenolone levels. Your high DHEA is a good sign for you though.

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    Pregnenolone tests are flawed/unreliable/hard to test and are expensive so folks defer to Progesterone. Being Preg is above DHEA in the hormonal cascade you might assume you don't need to supp Preg.

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    Just remember that if you start TRT your pregnenolone may decrease considerably while DHEA stay the same

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    Thanks for the reply Nelson. Your life story and your continued interest in improving people's lives is truly inspiring.

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