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    Applying Topi-Click T gel to the scrotum - a few questions

    1) After about an hour or two, the gel leaves a "cake" texture on my scrotum. Is this normal?

    2) When applying a few clicks, does some of the absorption get blocked by applying "too much"? (occasionally I skip 2-3 days application and apply 2-3 days worth at once)

    3) Is it recommended to wait a certain amount of time before putting on underwear, because maybe some will rub off?

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    I use the same and I don't get any residue, make sure youre really working it in (be gentle on your balls!). I think it helps with a few drops of water to help spread it. I dress right away to keep it all "in place" as it were. I dont have a transferance issue to that's not something on my mind. I wouldn't play catch up with the dosing, when you miss a day or three just start over. What I found thru testing was that if I didn't apply it that morning and had blood drawn, I was at my DHT baseline again so there's no "catching up" with this, start again with the prescribed dose.

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