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    Reaction To 1st Appointment With Dr. Saya...

    I had my first initial consult with Dr Justin Saya this morning. To say I was impressed and literally blown away would be an understatement. He is by far the most knowledgeable and impressive doctor I have ever worked with concerning TRT. He is an incredible listener as well. I'm fairly young at 37 years old, and he is actually supporting me in trying one last time to raise my levels and quality of life naturally without TRT. Most doctors involved with TRT would pressure you or talk you into TRT...not Dr Saya. We are going to retest in a few months, and that way I will have complete peace of mind in knowing I've done all I can to go the natural route. To anyone on the fence about Dr Saya and Defy, get off the fence! They are truly amazing in every way. I would highly recommend them to anyone struggling with feeling like their optimal self. I feel so much better now knowing that I am in good hands and part of an amazing team!

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    Thanks for the information and I'm glad to hear you are on your way to better health!

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    Great review - enjoying reading everything in here

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