Male Birth Control Pills:This is a REALLY bad idea

Safe and Effective Treatment

Yes, and Thalidomide was “safe and effective” as treatment for nausea during pregnancy, too. If you don’t know that story, I’m sorry for what you are about to learn when you search it.

And progestins (synthetic progesterone) were “safe and effective” for women as Hormone Replacement Therapy, too. AND infinitely preferable to those horrible “bioidentical hormones” (AKA natural progesterone) the Age Management Medicine doctors constantly push on the population.

Until it became unavoidably obvious progestins cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. By the way, bioidentical progesterone does not.

The same can be said of the various endocrine disrupting substances constantly assaulting our bodies. Pesticides, preservatives, plasticizers, insecticides, etc. They usually mimic estrogen (and so are called “xenoestrogens”), but what they all do is powerfully disrupt our natural hormonal pathways.

As we learn more and more about how our bodies work, the best practitioners of Interventional Medicine are working to serve those natural pathways. Restore, replace, and optimize. It’s how the body not only regulates itself, it’s how we develop, and maintain life, in a changing environment. This is the foundation to my “Backfilling the Pathways” treatment protocols. But what is frighteningly unique about the toxic substances previously mentioned is they are so powerful they escape the standard Pharmacological axe “The dose makes the poison”. Often even minuscule amounts can induce horrible outcomes. And often they are stored—and so accumulate—in the body.

Since the ultimate goal in restoring health is making things as natural as possible, how on earth can a powerful endocrine disrupter such as this Frankenstein DMAU NOT cause serious complications? They specifically mention hormonal pathway disruption in the article, as if it’s a good thing. Have we learned nothing?

Backing up a bit, it’s very clear to us what happens when testosterone is lowered; by any cause. Now they want us to do that on purpose?

Here’s the unavoidable fly in the ointment for this drug: it’s a progestin. We already know what progestins do to women. We also know what is bad for the breast tends to be bad for the prostate. And we share the cardiovascular system. Let that sink in.

Now, who wants to be a guinea pig?