How to Induce Hyperspermia?

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If you’re wondering how to increase hyperspermia, then you’re not alone. There are numerous ways you can ask this question, which thousands of men do worldwide. Hyperspermia is a condition in which a man ejaculates a larger-than-normal volume of sperm.

According to some studies, less than 5% of men are diagnosed with hyperspermia. However, it’s also possible to increase your sperm volume by using certain foods, supplements, or hormones. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Would You Want to Increase Hyperspermia?

This is also a great question. First of all, it’s nothing wrong with wanting to ejaculate more sperm every time you have sex or masturbate. As a rule of thumb, men usually ejaculate between 1 and 5 milliliters of sperm each time.

Hyperspermia can be defined as ejaculating more than 5-6 milliliters on a regular basis. One reason men would want this is that a higher sperm volume looks better and might impress sexual partners. In some cases, increasing your ejaculation volume also has positive effects on your libido.

What Are the Best Ways to Increase Ejaculation Volume?

This article will present you with a collection of supplements and methods to induce hyperspermia. However, keep in mind that not all these techniques might work for you. Each man is different, so feel free to try different foods and supplements to find out what works best for you.

Experiment with Pygeum

Pygeum is a supplement derived from the bark of an African tree. You can find it in pill or powder form online or in certain health food stores. Pygeum apparently has numerous science-based benefits for your prostate and kidney health.

At the same time, many people take pygeum to boost their sex drive and increase semen quantity. For example, men taking pygeum pills regularly report having an increased sperm volume. This works best in combination with drinking a lot of fluids.

As a rule of thumb, you should try a smaller dose of pygeum and see if it works for you. Many people take about 100mg daily. If you don’t see any changes in your semen volume, you might want to slightly increase the dosage every week to experience its positive effects. More information on pygeum.

Try Lecithin

Lecithin is known to boost your memory and help you remember things easier. However, many people also use lecithin in combination with other supplements to increase sperm volume. This supplement is available in pill, capsule, powder, or liquid form.

For example, a dosage of around 30 g of lecithin on a daily basis might have a significant effect on how much sperm you ejaculate. Some people take around 10 g of lecithin three times a day, usually with meals.

Take Zinc Supplements

Zinc is one of the most important minerals, especially for men. This nutrient is used by your body to maintain a healthy sex drive. Zinc is also used to increase your muscle mass after resistance exercises.

At the same time, zinc happens to increase your semen volume. This nutrient is not stored in the body, so you need a daily dose of around 11 mg of zinc just to stay healthy. If you want to increase hyperspermia, you should get more than that.

Luckily, a plethora of foods contain zinc, such as beans, whole grains, eggs, nuts, and dairy products. Most people get their daily requirements from food only. However, it’s recommended to also take a zinc supplement if you want to significantly increase sperm volume.

For example, some individuals take around 30 mg of zinc daily, and they experience improvements in semen quantity and quality. At the same time, scientific studies show that too little zinc in the system can reduce sexual function, libido, sperm volume, and sperm count in men.

Use hCG

hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and it’s often used by people on TRT. As you probably know already, testosterone replacement therapy shuts down your natural production of testosterone. This can help treat hypogonadism in some men.

However, certain patients want to restart their natural production of testosterone after a TRT protocol. This can be done using hCG as this hormone is highly effective in preserving a man’s fertility and restarting his regular testosterone production.

At the same time, hCG has been shown to help patients preserve their semen volume and even increase it in some cases. That’s why TRT is commonly used in conjunction with hCG to mitigate some of the side effects of this hormone therapy.

It’s important to note here that hCG should only be administered under strict doctor’s supervision. This hormone needs to be taken in a certain dosage and the amount might be different for each patient depending on his TRT protocol, testosterone level, etc. Read more about hCG.

Try Ubiquinol (CoQ10)

Coenzyme Q10 comes in two forms: ubiquinol and ubiquinone. Since ubiquinol is the easiest form of this substance to absorb, your body naturally produces 90% of it. Ubiquinol has numerous health benefits, and many individuals report that it helps increase semen volume.

The regular dosage of ubiquinol is somewhere around 100–200 mg per day. However, it’s also possible to take up to 500 mg of ubiquinol per day without experiencing serious side effects. It’s important to find the sweet spot for what works for you.

Apart from increasing sperm volume and sperm quality, CoQ10 in the form of ubiquinol can also improve your libido. This substance makes your cells generate more energy, which will positively influence your sex drive and bed performance. More on Coenzyme Q10 and sperm.

Experiment with L-carnitine

People who want to gain muscle mass frequently take l-carnitine. This is an amino acid that your body produces on a regular basis. However, you can also take l-carnitine as a supplement from various health food stores.

Apart from benefiting your brain and heart, many people report that this substance can improve sperm quality and sperm volume. At the end of the day, l-carnitine has strong antioxidant properties and boosts your metabolism and energy production.

Some studies state that l-carnitine significantly improves sperm motility and might help men preserve their fertility. The standard dose for l-carnitine is between 500 mg and 2,000 mg per day, but feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.

Take Maca Root

Maca root, or simply maca, is a plant native to Peru. It has become very popular in recent years as it can bring significant benefits when it comes to sex drive and fertility in both men and women. This plant is highly nutritious, and it can be taken as a supplement in pill, powder, or liquid form.

Some studies report that people who took maca extract for a few months experienced significant improvements in sperm quality on all parameters. This also means that it might improve your sperm volume and help you ejaculate more when you have sex.

The standard dosage is approximately 3 g of maca extract per day. You will experience a marked increase in libido after a few days, and your semen volume will eventually increase after a few weeks. Feel free to experiment with a slightly different dosage to see how fast you can achieve the results you want. More on supplements to increase sperm volume.

Check Out for More Information

Keep in mind that new supplements and food combinations are researched and developed every day. It’s highly recommended to stay updated with the latest news when it comes to testosterone production, sperm quality, and how to get the most out of your TRT protocol.

The best way you can do that is by visiting and checking out the numerous threads, messages, and experiences of real people who have tried the supplements mentioned above. Go to now and find out everything you need to know about hyperspermia!



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