How to Find a Good Testosterone TRT Doctor

Many primary care doctors in the United States feel comfortable prescribing testosterone in the present. Unfortunately, there are many doctors who still do not know much about the proper management of testosterone replacement or are afraid to prescribe it. They also do not feel confident or educated enough to use medications like hCG used to treat TRT side effects like testicular atrophy and decreased fertility.

The number one question we get online is, “Where can I find a good testosterone doctor”? That is why we at are very excited to launch, an excellent resource for physicians in the hormone replacement field to get their practices listed so that patients can easily find them to get TRT. is the only online US and an international directory of hormone replacement clinics that connects potential patients with clinicians.  It contains several search options that facilitate finding the right provider/services. It also reduces intake time to process new patients as many questions about practices are answered before they contact clinics.

Here are several resources that can help you if you find a good TRT doctor in your area or via telemedicine:

How to Find a Good Testosterone ( TRT) Doctor