Wife Will Be Starting HRT This Week But Worried About Risks.

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The cancer "thing" with women's hormones got started when Premarin (actually made from horse urine, a dumb idea) was prescribed by the truckloads in the 90's. Some women got cancer. The reason is the estrogen from horses is a foreign molecule, it is NOT bio identical, it's an invader to the human body. There were many newspaper articles and it was on the news endlessly. Some stories like this die hard, and people if you mention women's hormones still remember. In fact, Premarin is still made. Sick. But today, bio identical hormones are safe, my wife has been on them for almost ten years. Libido is good, moisture and response is great. Energy is back. I would start on all the hormones. Remember, when your wife was a young lady, she had all her hormones, hormones compliment each other, progesterone and estrogen counter each other in a way, female hormones don't exist without each other in isolation, they all go together. So, jump in, the water's fine!
Yup she is going much better since she added in the estrogen. It took a little time but now it seems to be working. The T by itself wasn't doing anything for libido. Adding in the estrogen and progesterone seems to have made the difference.