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    300-mcg testosterone patches to Cream Equivalent

    A question for the math people here: In comparing 300-mcg testosterone patches to daily testosterone transdermal creams, would would be the equivalent dosage in mg? Each pump or click dispenses 3.75 mg of testosterone. This is in regard to female dosage btw. thanks
  2. S

    Wife Will Be Starting HRT This Week But Worried About Risks.

    So I managed to convince my wife to use Defy and the process went amazingly fast and smooth. Based upon her symptoms and labs Defy is recommending T cream, E2 cream and Progesterone. Everything has been ordered and we hope to receive the shipment shortly. But I have some concerns. She is post...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Dr Saya speaks about HRT

    This is a short video in which Dr Justin Saya from DefyMedical.com speaks about his approach for hormone replacement therapy in women. Dr Saya's Videos on Testosterone, HRT, and Weight Loss
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