Why the Coronavirus Seems to Hit Men Harder Than Women...Estrogen Levels?

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The most likely reason the death rate for men is higher is that in China women rarely smoke, but men often do and smoking obviously is going to worsen your chances with any lung disease.


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Smoking is mentioned as a contributing factor, but immune system differences are featured more prominently, at least in the NYT article. So far I haven't found a breakdown of deaths by sex in other countries where smoking is more equal.

Men are known to experience more severe infections than women, and men typically mount weaker immune responses vaccinations. These differences, while well recognized, are poorly understood. Why should men prove less capable of fending off microbes than the so-called fair sex?

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Nelson Vergel

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Are or do men:

More exposed to crowds?
Smoke more?
Have more stress?

Women live longer than us. Estrogen can be heart-friendly since it controls lipids and endothelial function. But that advantage is lost at menopause.


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Know one knows what is going on but I feel we all will have this vires and just a small number of people will get sick and die. Until we make A cure for it so does it help to shut down everything because as some are saying you can't stop it.



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I found this piece by Chris Centeno to be calming. Especially the data on seasonal flu peaks:

The peak months of U.S. viral flu transmission (which this virus will follow as well as it’s primary spread is aerosolization through coughing) are December through March. This is because the survival of viruses in water droplets falls off the map when the temps heat up. Note that in the 36 years graphed here (1982-2018) we have never had a flu peak in April or May. The graph for other viruses looks similar.
Hence, while the spread of the virus may well be somewhat contained by testing and quarantine which is unprecedented in the US at this scale, mother nature will be the rate-limiting step in the U.S. pandemic math since warmer weather reduces viral spread.


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But then we have this in hot countries : Saudi Arabia reports 17 new coronavirus cases
They have 62 known cases out of 35 million people.

Doubtless we have a limited number of flu cases that persists through the warm months.

Some cautious optimism in this piece: Will Coronavirus Slow Down In The Warmer Months Like Flu Season?

Four coronaviruses circulate around the world every year, causing common colds. Studies have shown they’re also more prevalent in the fall and winter compared to the summer months.
Dr. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Arizona, told HuffPost he expects COVID-19 to pan out similarly to other coronaviruses, given that it’s spreading and “behaving a lot like the common cold coronaviruses.”
47 cases what a joke maybe confirmed but the rest........ the effect economically no one knows yet but its going to be nasty and many countries are more worried about that than..

Rock H. Johnson

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47 cases what a joke maybe confirmed but the rest........ the effect economically no one knows yet but its going to be nasty and many countries are more worried about that than..
We are in a country with 1.300.000.000 people and only 102 confirmed cases and 2 dead, which most of them came from outside the country.

Rock H. Johnson

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I would guess, you're asking that question, because you're wondering if you should increase your estrogen? I really don't think it's necessary. I believe you should just follow the recommendations of fighting the coronavirus.
Thanks Vince, I thought the wink at the end would give it away....
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