Which type of carnitine to pair with coq10.

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Can someone help me with the type of carnitine I need to pair with Coq 10? Does it matter? I have looked through a lot of the old threads and some say regular l-carnitine and others say acetyl l-carnitine. Nelson has a recent post in April that shows acetyl version, but a post from last year recommended regular l-carnitine. Also depending on which form what is a good dosage to start with? Any brand recommendations would also be appreciated. Thank you
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Nelson - one follow up question. I see you use the standard form of COq10 and not ubiquinol. Is there any particular reason for this? Most of the literature I see tends to steer one towards ubiquinol.
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I have Peripheral Neuropathy from Statin Use and am crippled can't walk with out using a walker and have a lot of pain. I use asper my heart Dr. Acetyl-L Caritine 500mg 3x's/day.

And due to have been on Statin drug it tanked my CoQ10 levels so I use Ubiquinol Capliques Featuring Kaneka's Qh (200mgs) 3x’s/day mercola.com. Was on 400gs 3x's/day for over a year to get my levels back up.

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