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  1. J

    Which type of carnitine to pair with coq10.

    Can someone help me with the type of carnitine I need to pair with Coq 10? Does it matter? I have looked through a lot of the old threads and some say regular l-carnitine and others say acetyl l-carnitine. Nelson has a recent post in April that shows acetyl version, but a post from last year...
  2. J

    Carnitine for PSA

    There seems to be some conflict on the web with regards to L-Carnitine and PSA levels. Some websites to avoid Carntine and others do not. One of my sport supplements Alpha Jym has 1500mg Acetyl L-Carnitine. Anyone hear this correlation?
  3. R

    Stereo isomers of Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Most alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is offered in the L isomeric form (L-ALA). The R form (R-ALA) is considerably more expensive and often labeled as "R-Lipoic" I have used L-ALA for several years with noteworthy neurocog benefit. I take it in combination with ALC and NAC. R-ALA has seen little...
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