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So as some of you have probably read on past posts I have made, I have never really felt GREAT on TRT.
It has been one big try this, try that, ok, stop this, add that, etc.

I give a BIG way to go to those who have stuck with it for years trying to get dialed in. For me, I am kinda over it at this point.

I just had a blood draw to see where things are at, and unless there is some glaring issue that can be addressed, I am planning on pulling the plug for now.

Now my question is since I seem to be very sensitive to E and things that make E spike, I am worried about Clomid. And as well as hCG as it causes my E to spike.

So I have read that Nolvadex seems to work better for some and does not seem to creat the high E issues.
Looking for input from those who have used it before and what to expect.

Again, maybe something in these latest labs will convince me to stick it out, but I want an exit strategy if not.

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