TRT Progress - 6 weeks in

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Hey everyone,

Started TRT about 6 weeks ago, and just got my first set of labs after my first injection. Wanted to post results here as a follow-up and ask for feedback.

  • Testosterone cypionate 200mg/mL: 0.3mL twice weekly
  • Anastrozole 0.5mg/mL: Mixed in with the testosterone
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG): 0.3mL twice weekly until bottle runs out
    • Started out pinning both the test and HCG at the same day and time, but two weeks ago, started injecting the HCG one day before the T injection.
(Range), Initial / Post 6 weeks
  • Hemoglobin (13.8 - 17.2 g/dl): 15.4 / 16.0
  • Hematocrit (40.7 - 50.3%): 46.2 / 48.0
  • Testosterone (300 - 1200 ng/dl): 361.07 / 1362.23
  • SHBG (20 - 60 nmol/L): 36.57 / 27.37
  • Free Test (9 - 30 ng/dl): 6.83 / 39.06
  • Estradiol (10 - 50 pg/ml) : 24.75 / 33.55
  • Progesterone (0 - 1 ng/ml): 0.63 / 0.65
  • Cortisol (6 - 23 mcg/dl): 13.26 / 15.29
  • DHEA-S (20 - 380 ug/dl): 166.85 / 242.28
  • Free T3 (2.8 - 4.4 pg/ml): 3.30 / 3.85
  • Free T4 (0.9 - 1.7 ng/dl): 0.81 / 0.88
So first off, I'm kinda shocked at how high my testosterone number is right now, especially given that I don't necessarily feel significantly different than I have pre-TRT. I do have a bit more energy, I think, and I definitely sleep really, really good, even if it's not necessarily enough. Mood is generally fine. Sex drive is the same, orgasm and volume about the same as well. I have noticed that my testes feel squishier, though I might just be imagining it knowing that I'm on TRT. No significant shrinkage otherwise.

I'll run out of HCG in about 2 weeks, at which point I'm kind of considering myself as on a different protocol. I'll be due for another set of labs in about 6 weeks, so I'll be interested to see what those numbers are without the HCG.

My first request for the doctor will be to see if I can remove the AI from my test-C mix and only take it as necessary, which was the overwhelming advice from folks here, so I want to follow that. The only thing I've noticed related to E2 is that my nipples are a bit more prominent now (like they're constantly showing through my shirt even when I'm not cold), but no itchiness or anything. Figured that's normal?

I also want to ask if the sensitive estradiol test is available. I get the sense that it's not since it wasn't offered by default, but figured I'd check. E levels did go up some, but then again, so did the test, so I'm not super concerned.

Also, it looks like my SHBG went down, approaching the lower end of the range. Is that something to be concerned about?

Is there anything else I should ask the doctor based on these results?

Thanks for all the info! Reading through the posts on this forum has been really helpful.
You may find you are unable to maintain those levels long term to do hematocrit finding a new level in about 9-12 months. Rarely do we see TRT+AI compounded actually work, general we balk at such an idea.

Don't expect me to say anything good about your doctor for this practice, it's so much more convenient to separate the two and dose separately because this is how you optimize.

Normally I would suggest increasing injection frequencies to lower estrogen, multiple times per week will do the trick. TRT usually always lower SHBG a little, nothing you can do about it. HCG will increase estrogen and some don't feel well on it so be aware.

I don't expect to see significant changes until at least 6-12 months, TRT isn't like party drugs where you hit max effectiveness in 6 weeks.

As it stands now I would lower the dosage and consider testosterone only, no AI and dose multiple times a week (2-3x) to lower estrogen.
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I agree that the test number is way high. Took me off guard when I got the results back in, so I will definitely be looking to lower the dosage a bit. Not sure if I want to increase the number of injections per week, but would be open to it if it yields better results, I guess. I'm already on twice a week (every 3.5 days), so would 3 times make that much more of a difference?

And Systemlord, I totally agree about mixing the AI. Didn't know enough to ask for it differently when I got the prescription, but do now. I was super nervous about the AI crashing my estradiol as I've read here, but it doesn't appear to be happening.

I'll soon just be on Test-C (though this batch will still have the AI mixed in) after my HCG runs out anyway, so I'll give that a shot and see.
My twice weekly protocol saw estrogen in the 70's, EOD brought it down considerably, everyday dosing saw an even larger decrease because I'm converting a smaller percentage of testosterone into estrogen in a given 24 hours period.

I can never get the dosing correct on AI's, I'm an over-responder.
Based on the reference ranges, you're likely measuring your e2 with the incorrect estradiol test. That range looks suspiciously like those associated with the standard/women's test. The results when men turn to that test are unreliable. Explain to your doctor that he needs to order the Sensitive, LC, MS/MS lab test for estradiol monitoring.