TRT Doctors NYC Area ?


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I have been using Dr. Rotman for two years now and am very satisfied. I inject 100mg test cypionate and 250 units HCG twice weekly and feel great, no issues whatsoever. He makes me feel welcome and will answer any question I have. I highly recommend Dr. Rotman.


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I started 2 weeks ago, going on 3 this Sunday. I’m on the same protocol, 100 mg Test C weekly and twice a week 250 IU of HCG via SubQ in my stomach like insulin. I felt really welcome and in good hands with him. Also the office staff is very “alert”. They already have my new script at the pharmacy and I don’t pick it up until the 1st of the month. Also, I like that he gives me a little extra just in case I mess something up. No stress at all. The blood work comes back super quick too. I chose to let him do labs on me instead of just my PCP monitoring me like my original plan was. I get the HCG directly from his office.

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