Traveling by airplane with TRT meds.

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Has anyone travel by airplane with their TRT and if so can anyone give advice on travel without running into problems.
I've never had a problem. I have the meds and needles in my carry on with the original prescription label. It doesn't hurt to have a doctor's note too. I've traveled domestic and international with no issues ever.

Rock H. Johnson

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I have about 400 syringes, enough T and auccilary meds for a year ahead with me in my check-in luggage. We travel international multiple times per year and for the last 9 months on TRT about 6 times, never had any issues.
I'm expecting to travel to Vietnam and it would be the first time with needles and my Testo, any suggestions would be helpful. I have been thinking of getting a meds case where everything is organized and I can put the documentation. I can't imagine Vietnam hasn't seen medications being transported.

As an aside, I did get taken aside when I was using Androgel on a trip back from Norway, but what flagged the inspection was the size of the bottle. I always keep the boxes on my medications which have my prescription details. Would I have to have a sharps bin?


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Traveled internationally to Europe with Test Cyp from Empower in the box with my script attached to it, as well as a pack of 10 insulin syringes. I kept it in my carry-on, no one asked about it. Which kind of surprised me since I figured they would check anything liquid.

I would definitely keep it with you though, never check it in with luggage.

Next time I'll be travelling with the compounded cream, HGH and DHEA/Preg on top of the Test, so that might be interesting.

As @Guided_by_Voices says, make sure you look up the local laws where you're going. Some medications that are completely legal in one country could be illegal in another country even with a prescription
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