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    Protocol adjustment while overseas for two weeks

    I'm traveling overseas next month for two weeks. I normally injecting twice a week but I'm thinking about injecting the two weeks worth before I go as I'd rather not deal with it while I'm away. Obviously a bit of a spike and dip but I figure guys used to inject once a month and that was...
  2. C

    Traveling without Test Cyp

    I’ve been on daily IM injections of 35 mg Test Cyp for about 5 months. I’m flying to another state for vacation for 5days. I’d rather not go through the crap associated with flying(transport of prescription/needles etc), and am wondering how I’d react to no injections for 5 days. Should I up the...
  3. U

    airport x-ray and testosterone vial

    I may be taking a job in the near future that requires close to 100% travel. Would exposing a vial of testosterone to 20-30 x-ray scans over the course of its use potentially degrade the medication? I know a few trips doesn't affect potentency but I'm curious if that high of a number of scans...
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    Traveling by airplane with TRT meds.

    Has anyone travel by airplane with their TRT and if so can anyone give advice on travel without running into problems.
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    Traveling with TRT medications.

    Thinking about traveling to the Philippines for like a month in February since it’s cheap and very English speaking friendly. What has been everyone’s traveling experience with doctor prescribed TRT medications? I noticed there is a VA there... I wonder if the VA would give me all my...
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    Flying with T cream

    Hi folks. I have flown with T cyp and take that in my carry on. Never flown with cream but am guessing just take that in my carry on as well? Thanks
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    Traveling and can’t take testosterone with me

    I am traveling to Japan for 6 days and taking testosterone to Japan is a real pain in the S. You need to send a request in paper by mail, it takes times, etc etc. So long story short i will not be able to take it with me. I inject Tuesday night and Saturday morning. My flight leaves Sunday...
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    First trip on TRT quick check list

    I have read so many different opinions about this topic that i decided to open this thread just to make sure i am doing everything right. Tomorrow i am traveling inside the US and i am taking with me: testosterone cypionate, hcg, dhea, thyroid, needles and syringe. I put everything in a clear...
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    Traveling with hcg

    Flew from LA to NY yesterday. Took vial out of fridge in LA at 5:30 am, put in plastic bag with cold pack, got hcg into fridge in NY eleven hours later. Cold pack was no longer cold at all. Is this vial of hcg still usable?
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