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I've been applying my topical to my forearms for about 10 years now. I have 15.2% body fat and the skin is fairly thin there. However, I am wondering: Can the receptor sites in the dermis in that area could be getting "fatigued" over the course of all these years leading to a lower absorption rate?

What are some other topical application sites that other people use? I have read about application to the scrotum but I'd rather not be rubbing this, "grainy" powder suspended in a liquid vehicle onto the "fellows". I think that it would be irritating. I keep my forearm hair cut close so that applications do not get interfered with by body hair. Any thoughts on other application sites?
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So this is what I've gathered based on studies, UP to 10% on chest, shoulders, wrists and other known areas

up to 80% on scrotum


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So this is what I've gathered based on studies, UP to 10% on chest, shoulders, wrists and other known areas

up to 80% on scrotum

DAMN!!!! That is a hell of an absorption rate. I'm going to do a little re-reading on this but I think that might play out. No wonder I have to take 140MG dose per day just to reach 900-1,000 ng/dl.


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If you’re getting levels near 1,000 ng/dl using sites other than the scrotum than you absorb transdermals very well, even with what I assume you meant 150 mg daily


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I should’ve asked first, what type of topical testosterone are you using? Most here are using the compounded cream, many get the 200mg/ml from Defy

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Don't put gel on your scrotum. You will live to regret it. That type of appliction needs to be with a cream which is lipoderm-based (like a lotion) and not alcohol. It's not necessarily that the absorption rate is higher through skin on the scrotum, though the skin is thinner - it's that there is much higher 5-ar activity localized there. That is why you get such a large increase in DHT and libido boost.


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Standard transdermal application whether gels/cream is anywhere from 9-14%.

Absorption through scrotal application is greater due not only to the thinnest stratum corneum, but it also has high steroid permeability much greater than non‐scrotal skin.....let alone scrotal skin is highly vascularized which will result in rapid absorption.
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