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  1. S

    trans scrotal application working

    After seeing an earlier post here about trans scrotal application I decided to try it myself. So far it seems to be working. I have been doing it for about two months now. my testosterone went from about 280 to 441. I am 65. while I still dont have morning wood every day, I at least have urges...
  2. M

    Testosterone Gel/Cream applied to scalp?

    I've been on TRT for nearly 10 years. In the past year I've had to switch from injections to a gel, because of problems with elevated hematocrit. I'm finding very poor absorption of androgel through the skin on my shoulders. I've read about good results people are getting with non-alcohol based...
  3. A

    Non scrotal application of cream?

    Hey guys! Does anyone here use testosterone cream on a different place then the scrotum and is having succes ? If yes, what is your dose and where do you apply? And what numbers do you achieve? So im talking only about the cream, NOT the gel.
  4. R

    Topical Application Sites and Absorption Questions...

    I've been applying my topical to my forearms for about 10 years now. I have 15.2% body fat and the skin is fairly thin there. However, I am wondering: Can the receptor sites in the dermis in that area could be getting "fatigued" over the course of all these years leading to a lower absorption...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Applying testosterone gel on four sites increased T more than using one site

    They chose to apply on left and right arms/shoulders and left and right abdomen. Product used was Androgel 1%. Pharmacokinetics of Transdermal Testosterone Gel in Hypogonadal Men: Application of Gel at One Site Versus Four Sites: A General Clinical Research Center Study* C. WANG, N. BERMAN...
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