Thinking about trying Clomid for libido


I'd be really interested in seeing this. It's the first I've heard of direct testicular suppression. Is it just mesterolone, or androgens in general? Given the high natural levels of intratesticular testosterone it's a little hard to envision how a small amount of an exogenous androgen would cause problems. Oral availability of mesterolone is 3% or so, meaning you're only getting 0.75 mg from a 25 mg tablet. On the other hand, my typical dose-response relationship would make this like adding 40 ng/dL to serum DHT, assuming they act similarly. So it's not totally trivial.
I'll have a look and get back to (i have far too many bookmarks saved on my phone, i'll find it though)


Ok, so i don't think this was the article i originally read, but it mentions how mesterolone may lower total test. I'll keep looking:

JPMA - Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association

"Gonadotropins were not supressed by mesterolone treatment. The fall of total testosterone may be due to inhibition of steroideogenesis by mesterolone in testis. Dihydrotestosterone was shown to inhibit steroideogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) expression in Leydig cells.17Mesterolone is an orally active a-methyl derivative of dihyrotestosterone, and it may also inhibit StAR and decrease steroid hormone levels."

Mrs. Robinson

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My husband (26) has been on low dose Clomid, along with DHEA, DIM, and Vitamin D supplements, for 8 months now. I'm not sure if I'd label it a success story or not. His lab numbers have significantly improved, and he is feeling better than he did a year ago. Dr. Saya is fairly happy with where he is. Not a noticeable increase in libido, but more energy overall has helped in that department. We've been trying to conceive for several months now. I'm curious if Clomid has any effect on his fertility or not. He's never been on TRT, so his experience may be different than yours would be.

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