Switching from cream to cyp injections

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Johnny Drama

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Hello. I am new to the site. I am 59yr old male and have been taking 50mg of TRTCompound cream daily on the shoulders for about 1 year. I feel pretty good but don’t like daily cream for obvious reasons.

I want to switch to injections and want to know how many mg per week based on (two injections a week) would be a good dose to start with. I am pretty sensitive to TRT. I tried 100mg cream a day and felt like I wanted to jump off a bridge. So I came back to 50mg

I don’t want to ever have that feeling again and dont know where to start with injections?

Here is where I am at currently and feel decent but still feeling like I need to go higher with T

So I want to start cyp injections

And don’t want to over shoot!

DHEA 117

Estrodial 15

Total T. 400

SHBG. 40.4

Thanks very much
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