Still crashed E2 on cycle. Please Help!:(

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I am nee here, I hope I am putting this issue to right segment.

I am so desperate, nobody can help me.
I am on pre contest cycle and I have used my AI like ussualy. But now I crashed my E2 to undecectible level. It is Almost 2 month I am off my IA and My e2 still zero.
I tried d-bol to raise it helped but right after I went off d-bol E2 went down again.

Its 2 months and my e2 dont wont to recover.

I cant live like that anymore so I have to take estradiolum, but ofcourse I dont want to solve it like this.

Does anyone of you have any output.?

Thank you so much
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I've been in same shoes but any advice I was given too didn't quite work pretty much I had to suffer until it was over not even huge T shots or hcg helped (only made me feel worse pretty much).
hcg, dhea maybe? Large T shot taken in 1 single dose? (like 400mg every 2 weeks to stimulate aromatase enzyme?)


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thank you for the advice. HOW LONG have you been suffering? the level of estrogen finally returned? I tried larger T doses, but it was not enough, I had to add a d-bol. I am on 1.5mg estradiol tablets a day. I plan Pregnenolone and DHEA but I do not give it much hope.

I wondered if T would not only convert DHT but I can not get to measure the value of DHT. In this case could help finasteride that would block conversion to DHT and there could be more space to convert to E2, but that's just me speculation.
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