Started TRT without actual need for it?

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Let me start of with the stats and blood work before I get into my actual concerns and questions:

Stats : 

32 years old.
172 cm ( 5 feet 7⅝ inches ) 
Weight : 71 kg ( 156,53 pounds ) 
 Bodyfat : 9-10%

Background :
Based out of Europe (no prescription available here - so everything comes from UG labs )

Used to do steroids on and off when younger (19-23) for 8-12 weeks and then not doing any for maybe 6-10 months and then back on for a few weeks.

Have been completely fine last couple of years without any issues.

I recently came out of a long term relationship of 3 years and basically did not work out at the gym as much as I should have (probably once or twice a month). Needless to say I've became lazy and gained some weight. 76 kg ( 167,55 pounds ) .

I decided to go on a cut and start working out when I became single.

6 months later being on a caloric deficit for a few months and working out everyday (drug-free) and leaning out (from 15% BF -> 9% BF) my libido started messing up ( probably due to the cut and low fat intake).

I decided to do a little bit of TRT ( for the health benifits, libido and also so I could increase my caloric intake and still burn off a little bit of fat before the summer ) with the following protocol:

Propionatae 50 MG EOD.

I took my first shot 50 mg ( IM shot) on Sunday evening and had my blood drawn Monday morning fasted.

Using insulin syringes for the shots. A few days later when I got my bloodwork back I changed from IM to SUBQ shots to not elevate my e2 too high and have a more even release of T into my body.

The results for the bloodwork were mostly normal and the only results that came back high and low were the following ( I converted them from their original values => for convenience ) :

TESTOSTERONE: 1210.4 ng/dl  => 42 nmol/L
SHBG:   0.6  mg/dl => 57 nmol/L  (slightly high)
ESTRADIOL: 33,2 pg/ml => 122 pmol/L (slightly high) 
HEMOGLOBIN: => 131 g/L  (has always been low probably due to thalassemia so have never been allowed to donate blood unless I’m on steroids)

IGF1: 194 microg/L (normal)

T3 (free) : 299 pg/dl => 4.6 pmol/L (normal)
T4 (free) : 1.40 ng/dl => 18 pmol/L (normal)

All other values such as HDL, LDL, cholesterol, trigolycerides, glucose, cortisol were within the normal ranges.

Did not get any LH, prolactin values.

Remember that this bloodwork was done the morning after my first testosterone propionate 50MG shot.

So back to my questions :

I actually like having a little bit higher testosterone and I suspect that my testosterone was quite OK and within the normal range for a 32 year old male before I did my first TRT shot.

I will probably not do this forever but I am planning to go off the TRT somewhere late summer (12-15 weeks).

Current status :

My libido is still down so I got me some HCG and arimidex (not used any yet).

I'm taking extra zink and eating a lot of broccoli to lower my e2 - it has not helped yet.

I've been on the TRT for 1 week now.

I'm thinking of doing

250 ui HCG EOD the same day as my T prop shot (probably in the same syringe as well SUBQ <-- this ok? )

I will most likely wait with the arimidex and do a new blood work in a few weeks to see if my E2 has gone higher or not and if it has I am thinking of doing .25mg EOD for a total of 1mg/week.

Is the above protocol reasonable ?

Should I start with the HCG and arimidex right away ?

Any other suggestions ?

Can I just come off the TRT in August or September and any suggestions on how to best do that (I kind of realise that I should not have started the TRT but just increased my caloric intake to get my libido back up )

Can I switch the PROP to a 200 mg enhanateh shot IF I'm going on a vacation (which means I can't bring any Testo Prop with me) and then Switch back to PROP when I'm back from my vacation the next week ?

Thank you for taking the time and sorry for the long post
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While we welcome you to Excelmale, this is not a Forum designed to offer advice to men engaged in cycling. We're a therapeutic community focusing on male health, with a particular emphasis on androgen replacement. You did not provide us with pre-TRT androgen levels, so any observations we can offer are less than responsive.

There are other sites that can and will support you in your efforts. However, this thread is now closed.
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