So confused over dosage. 250mg/mL 0.25 mL injected 2X/week = what???

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Okay so I got prescribed a dosage of 0.25 mL two times a week. I was told this is equal to 62.5 mg of testosterone per injection for a total of 125 mg per week....

but then I read my med certificate and it says "Testosterone Enanthate (250mg) 0.25 mL subQ injection twice a week"

So I researched all about how to convert mg to ml and I am still so confused.

Anyway, after two weeks on this, my test results showed my total T level was beyond theurapeutic range (1300 ng/dl) so my dosage has been decreased to 0.2 mL twice a week.

I was assuming this means 50 mg 2x a week for a total of 100 mg testosterone per I right?

or idoes that mean I am currently on 200 mg per week? I thought 200 mg per week is generally too high for most people...and the maximum possible TRT dosage and pretty much only bodybuilders do higher than 200 mg per week.
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200mg is considered a higher dose with 250mg being the highest dose prescribed for TRT purposes. And dosage is highly dependent on a person's individual characteristics. Many have high dosages and are not Bodybuilders. Just depends on how your body reacts to the hormones.
I assume you meant to say mg/ml so if the vial has 250 mg/ml, 0.25 ml is 62.5 mgs as fifty is saying.
NO I said it right the first time. You guys try and talk doses as a volume such as you're doing here: 0.25ml

You should only be referring to your dose as 62.5mg.
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