high dosage

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    So confused over dosage. 250mg/mL 0.25 mL injected 2X/week = what???

    Okay so I got prescribed a dosage of 0.25 mL two times a week. I was told this is equal to 62.5 mg of testosterone per injection for a total of 125 mg per week.... but then I read my med certificate and it says "Testosterone Enanthate (250mg) 0.25 mL subQ injection twice a week" So I...
  2. M

    New to TRT, is my doctor stupid?

    Hey, I'm Mike I'm 25. Went to the doctors feeling real tired and no appetite, ect. Test levels came back total: 190, free 18. I wanted to retest before starting therapy so I ate and slept really well and cut out booze for a week. Well, total- 48. Free 19. So that was that. Wanted to...
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