Rapid weight loss

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Weird. I stopped TRT 4/26/19. I weighed 281. Went on vacation and ate bbq, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, etc and drank like a sailor. Came home on May 6, ate burgers and fries at the airport, got home and ate pizza for dinner.
5/7/ stated a protocol to get off trt. 3 units of hcg a day for 14 days followed by clinic. Started eating strict keto. Went to the doctor today and I lost 20 lbs!
I have eaten keto before and usually drop weight fast, but this is ridiculous.
Could stopping the test and adding the daily hcg aid in weight loss?
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Still on daily hcg, to be followed by Clomid.

I notice my hips are very stiff/sore. Also I am starting to have problems cognitively. Like I can see someone’s face in my head but I can’t call their name. If I am telling a story, I forget the point halfway in.

Is there something I can take to address these symptoms? Thanks.
Two days of hcg injections left. Then clomid for thirty days. Ants ideas on what I can expect?
Have you ever been on Clomid before? I had a horrible experience but I don't think my dosing was good. I think I was doing 100MG Monday-Friday with weekends offs. My nuts blew up to the size of large eggs but emotionally I was a wreck.. The closest to suicidal I have even been in my life..
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I would not even run the clomid, just stop the hcg and let the body recover. No need to throw in more drugs.
Food for thought, but I am going to need more than this to to defy Defy Medical’s advice! (Pun intended)

Anyone care to elaborate as to the ramifications of skipping the clomid.

I am 57 no plans for kids. Just getting off of test.

Anyone from Defy?