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Hi all,

I recently ruptured an achilles tendon and have surgery in a few days. I'm trying to figure out what sort of protocol I should be using for BPC 157, TB 500 and HGH to help promote healing. I have all these from a trusted source. BW 235 BF 20% height 74 inches. Age 41.

I am currently taking iparmoelin, cjc 1295 T (100mg/week) and HCG (for fertility at 1000iu EOD). My idea is to take the HGH away from the growth peptides and to be taking 10-20g of protein an hour. I'm thinking 1-2 IU/day of HGH. I found this study that showed that even at 1-1.5 IU a day tendon collagen sysntheis increased 1.3 fold and rna tendon expression 3.9 fold Growth hormone stimulates the collagen synthesis in human tendon and skeletal muscle without affecting myofibrillar protein synthesis

I've seen guys like ben greenfield suggest 7.66mg/week for TB 500 (200 lbs) but am looking for any other advice, studies etc.

For BPC I've read 250-350mcg 2x-3x a day. But again, any studies, personal experience etc would be welcome.

Besides rehab and biologics I have an infrared light I'll be using on the wound post surgery on the area.

Finally, does anyone know how close to the injury site sq injections needs to be? Like right on the tendon or is next to it fine?
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I’ve only tried the BPC and it worked wonders for me I pinned about 500 MCG daily for three weeks very close to the injured tendons. I made a post about this.

Beyond that you couldn’t go wrong with adding some nandrolone, if you can get your hands or at a minimum MK 677 or some other type of growth hormone releasing peptide. These are available through prescriptions or from some online peptide companies. Def start one of the peptides for GH release along with BPC (I haven’t used TB 500 yet but I’ve heard great things about it – I know it’s used on horses).
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