Prolactin 3.6 NG/ml. Causing sexual dysfunction? Caused by Curcumin?


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Hello all,

I've been having very weak orgasms, low semen volume, very low penis sensitivity for around two years, maybe longer. I am NOT on TRT.

My Prolactin came back at 3.6 ng/ml with a reference range of 2.0-18.0.

Could this cause an issue? Is this low?

Also, I just read that Curcumin, which I take to help joint pain, can potentially cause low Prolactin and sexual issues. Is this true?

Thanks all!


I think I’ve read that curcumin could act as an anti-androgen. Have u checked ur testosterone and E2 levels? I wonder if they’re low as well. Anytime I’ve had low prolactin around where urs is at, while having moderate to high androgens, I always felt amazing sexually


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Here are some labs from a month ago. I took these after taking one month of Nutrigenix testosterone booster in the hopes it would lower my SHBG, but my SHBG was the highest I've ever had in a lab result.

2-3 months before this I had labs done with Ultra Sensitive Estradiol and it came back 20 pg/ml. Testosterone and Free Testosterone were slightly higher than the attached result, but not by much. 724 total.


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I believe curcumin lowers LH which will lower T, unless your on TRT then LH is already suppressed and curcumin should have no effect.

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