My experiment with IP6 (Iron chelator)

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My serum iron was a bit elevated during my last bloodwork and I dediced to try some IP6 (1000mg a day on VERY empty stomach with a full glass of water). After a little over 1 month my serum iron dropped by half. If I still had high HCT issues I would definitely try IP6. As an iron chelator in theory it could eliminate or reduce the need for blood donation. The brand I used was Jarrow.
Where did you get it if I may ask? You did not donate blood between those two measurements, right?
Are you asking where to buy IP-6?
Amazon carries it from a few suppliers.
Not cheap.
Apparently has a number of other positive impacts with almost NO sides.
The CLIF NOTES information site is:
There is a book that was published in 2011 that did a deep dive into the current research at that time.
Works at the cell level. Some of the discussion of the research papers get a bit deep in biology, but you get the point when you read through it all.
There may be a cheaper why to obtain....
I just looked it up on Amazon, looks like a really interesting supplement. Most of the reviews are from cancer patients, not all of them though.

HealthMan, what brand are you using.
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I just looked it up on Amazon, looks like a really interesting supplement. Most of the reviews are from cancer patients, not all of them though.

HealthMan, what brand are you using.
I am using Jarrow Vince. It looks like a really good supplement to prevent cancer and it definitely helped with my iron. I read that it is very important to take on a very empty stomach. I take 1000mg once daily.
After my experiment and lab tests and keep wondering. Can this help lower HCT? I think so. Didn’t have mine tested but i will. I will post results here
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Maybe i am missing something, but i do not see how lowering iron would lower HCT. In fact guys who donate frequently often crash thier iron
They crash their ferritin not iron. Testosterone replacement therapy supresses a hormone called hepcidin responsible for regulating iron absorption. So you are absorbing more iron and consequently producing more RBC and increasing your HCT. By reducing iron absorption and/or removing (chelating) from the blood HCT should be reduced. Thats the theory. This is why iron chelation therapy sometimes is used for people with hemochromatosis
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This is interesting, and I'd like to try it.

I had high iron and iron saturation %, possibly bc copper was borderline low?

The interesting part is that the RCP or root cause protocol focuses on recycling iron in the body.
I've read the same thing from one of P.D. Mangan's books.
He highly recommends IP-6 as well.
I had never heard of anyone using it until now so that's good to know.
There is a loooong thread at the Prostate Cancer group at :
AKM Shamsuddin's Cancer Research Pays Off - @CalBear74 - Prostate cancer - Inspire
A number of folks are using it there.
Also interesting abstract here:
Inositol hexaphosphate plus inositol induced complete remission in stage IV melanoma: a case report. - PubMed - NCBI
FWIW I started taking it (made a home brew batch up) after high PSA.
My PSA is down, but not sure if the IP-6 had any impact.
Still taking, but not as regular as I should, and I will monitor my PSA. If it gets lower than where it was hanging at I will know that the IP-6 had an impact. Too early to tell yet.
Some of the folks on the Inspire site swear by it (then\y have other significant issues over just high PSA).
Some think it is good idea to take prophylactically based on the apparent positive impact on a number of things.
Coincidentally, with my high PSA I ordered IP6 and inositol several days ago.

Orrin are you using inositol with the IP-6? Seems the standard combo is 4:1 IP-6 to inositol. and how much are you taking? Calbear told me he's taking 38 grams a day.
I "home brewed" a batch up. I found a sup company that had bulk IP-6 and bulk inositol. 1 kilo IP-6 mixed with 500 grams inositol for the 4:1 mix.
I am taking 3 level tablespoons in the morning, when I remember:)
I bought a small electronic scale from Amazon that reads up to 50 grams (worked like a charm) and used it to see what a level tablespoon would weigh.
I cant find my note now but I think it came out at 3 grams per level tablespoon. I will check tonight again.
Calbear has other issues so he is taking a much higher dose.