My Battle with Low Libido and Low T - Lab Results Inside

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I agree with Fifty above here...leave it things alone for a bit you're doing too much in too short of a time and thats just not how this is done, the body needs time to adjust and reach a stable point and you're ignoring that.
Thanks for the reply!

Do you suggest waiting for a while without taking anything ( clomid ) and re-doing the lab tests again?

I don't see what that could change since I've waited for nearly 6 years now waiting for things to fix themselves by making dietary changes, going 5x a week to the gym, 8 hours of sleep , natural herbs etc.
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Ok another update here.
I waited two more weeks to see how things would change after stoping Clomid.

Here are the values for T and Est.

Total T: 4.96 ng / mL ( 3-10.8 )
Estradiol: 18 pg/mL ( 11-44 )

Looks like both fell but Estradiol a bit faster.
Also, during this time I had a phone consultation with Dr. Abraham Morgentaler ( author of Testosterone for Life ).
He believes also that I should be on TRT and agrees with my local urologist that Nebid is a good start.

So today I'm going in for my first injection and hopefully will help.

Will keep you updated on how things go.