More people are buying cheaper drugs overseas

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Nelson Vergel

The high price of drugs in the U.S. has left millions of Americans lying and committing fraud and other crimes to get their medicines. Recently in the New York Times, they featured an article about the high costs of drugs based on reports from hundreds of readers who shared their strategies related to acquiring needed drugs, such as getting a physician to prescribe twice the needed dose and cutting them in half, or "borrowing" medicines from a friend or relative with better insurance coverage. Many are seeking drugs from overseas even though this is generally illegal, according to the FDA. Despite this, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association fills prescriptions for one million Americans each year.
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Gene Devine

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So ture.

PDE5i drugs in this country are ridiculously expensive and can be had overseas at pennies on the dollar.

For a man with ED and who can't afford US drug you really blame him?


Only going to get worse under the affordable care act. I have talked to several folks who had been paying for insurance and the price has doubled leaving them with no coverage. Or folks
like me, who cannot afford coverage and pay for trt. There is no reason drugs should cost so much in this country. Nuvigil is one that would greatly benefit me I feel because of fatigue. If I get a script here, 500 bucks a month. Ordered overseas,less than 100. It is a no brainer.

Gene Devine

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My only concern about purchasing drugs from overseas is the risk of possible contaminants.

Many of the generic drugs we buy here in the States come from over seas pharmacies!

I had strep throat some time ago and was prescribed a came from an India pharmacy same as who makes my Tadalafil LOL!!!


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Just got an order of generic Viagra and Cialis from Canadian Pharmacy King. You must have a script. Meds come from India (Cipla). Work fine and about $1/pill or less depending on how much you order. Have also used Quality Presriptions in Canada. No problems and good customer service.
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