Medicinal mushroom powders and extracts to strengthen the immune system SARS-CoV-2


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The scientific evidence that certain mushroom compounds can modulate the immune response is strong. The mode of action varies. They may help resist infection or reduce the severity of disease after infection. No studies have been done relevant to COVID19 of course but speculation that they would be of value in advance of infection is reasonable.

Certain species are better known for reducing blood pressure or for cardio/pulmonary, renal or liver benefit so these may be of interest.

Sources of the compounds may be from either the fruitbody or mycelium or both. They are often not bio-available unless properly extracted with alcohol, hot or cold water. More is not better so using a standardized product is best.

I am using Stamet's 7 and MyCommunity from Fungi Perfecti. Certainly Paul is quite the character and known for making unsupported claims in the past. But he is a pioneer in cultivation and extraction techniques. Everything is grown and processed in-house in Washington so no fear of heavy metals or contaminants.

Please feel free to share your knowledge of the relevant species and compounds as well as any personal experience.


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I am using medicinal mushrooms for years already. Unfortunately, I didn't find any studies related to their benefits for the prevention or treatment of Covid 19, so this is misinformation.
You replied to a post that states "no studies have been done (benefit) is speculation"
by telling us what you were unable to find followed by "So this is misinformation"

My, how confusing! I'm unable to understand the point of this post.


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You're right. There is no scientific evidence to support this. But to deny that mushrooms have beneficial properties is a bit wrong. I used to be skeptical about them, too, until I tried them myself. Conveniently, you can mix them with coffee, tea, or any other beverage. If you want, you can add them to food. I use tremella mushroom because it has the best effect on the skin. It also supports the immune system, lungs, heart, and stomach, an essential aspect of any medicine during a pandemic. I have been using medicinal mushrooms for about a year now, and I feel better and better. So I can safely say they are beneficial.


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