Ketamine Could Be the Key to Reversing America’s Rising Suicide Rate

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@Nelson Vergel have you ever been back for additional treatments after your initial three? Just wondering if the benefits were permanent or if you have to return occasionally. And I’m sure everyone is different, but just wanted to get some insight into how it went for you. It is kind of sad that such a powerful and promising option is priced so high, but if it is more of a cure than a treatment it makes sense as they would have to get all of their money from only a few sessions.

Nelson Vergel

have you ever been back for additional treatments after your initial three?
Yes, I have had 6, two months apart. The "peaceful" effects really wears off after a week or so, but if your baseline is not bad mood-wise, you really don't need to get frequent IV's. They ain't cheap. The lowest cost in Houston is $350 per IV (they make a huge margin since ketamine is cheap as a raw material). But every IV clinic has to have a MD or PA onsite, plus sometimes a RN to make sure your blood pressure does not spike (if it does, they inject a beta blocker in your IV) (that extra labor costs money).

Most online ketamine clinics use sublingual ketamine (lower dose, of course). It tastes like crap and I really don't care for that mode of administration since you don't stay in a mode of "suspended ego/chatter" for that long.

Ketamine IVs (in my opinion) are highly effective for people whose internal chatter is so loud that they forget what real peace is. It detaches your "ego" from you for an hour, so you can get deeper about true feelings without your ego trying to block them. I have had friends who discover that they have never been at peace once they do their first IV. I also have another friend who hated it and could not wait for it to be over. He really is a control freak that cannot let go. He had a lot of anxiety through he whole thing. He tried it three times and finally "got it" during the last one.

I send all my friends my playlist to listen to while on the IV. I also recommend keeping your eyes closed.

Unfortunately, I would say most clinics don't care about the fact that it is really best to have a counselor talk to you while you are coming off it. This is a prime opportunity to get in your head since you have full relaxation and your defenses are down.

I tell my friends to hook up with "integration" people via zoom as soon as they get off their IVs. Most clinics want you out of the door (volume sales), so you may have to do the zoom call from your car. Don't drive right after walking out. Stay in your car and hopefully call a good friend. Or better yet, get a unbiased counselor from this directory:

After my first IV, my partner picked me up and I cried for an hour but not of sadness. I realized how ungrateful I am sometimes for all that I have and everything I have survived. I also "got" that I could be more loving to my family and friends. I feel like a ketamine IV resets me to a more peaceful state every time. But I have not done one in a few months even through my recent low mood during recovery from surgery.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a video, but I am still concerned potential repercussions. It reminds me a lot of where I was in 1990 when I started talking about nandrolone, oxandrolone, and testosterone.

The psychedelic tsunami is coming. No one can stop it.
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