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Hi, great forum, appreciate all the info, I am at week 10, 1ML of Test cyp with .5MG anastrozole on Monday with 500 units of HCG, and an additional 500 units of HCG on Thursday. My first 8 weeks was with the same 1ML of test with 1MG of anastrozole but my Estradiol crashed and I got ED for the first time in my life.
I got many benefits right off the bat with energy and focus, everything is going great except for the ED, Doc reduced the anastrozole to half on the latest 8 week dose and I am working to get me E back up to where it needs to be for proper sex. I am told 25-30 is the range we are trying to get to. I am trying everything to raise E, horny goat weed and DHEA as supplements, Doc also want me to start vitamin B injections but I haven't yet. I am definitely sold on this process, just want to get dialed in to my optimum levels as soon as possible.
The ED is a little weird, strong erections happen easily in the morning and throughout the day but if I do anything it goes away instantly, looks like leakage.
Numbers before: T: 479 E: 33.6 After T: >1500 E: 15.5
I will get more labs in 2 weeks, 4 weeks into new dose.

EDIT: Confirmed my HCG does is 500IU or 1/2 CC twice a week
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I am a little confused on peoples posting of HCG dosage, I am taking 50 units on an insulin syringe, I see post of people mentioning 250 and 500 units, is this just a different syringe? mine only hold 100 units.
First, welcome! To the HCG: It's confusing at first. 50 units on your insulin syringe - 500 IU, 25 on your insulin syringe = 250 IU. You're taking 500 IU's, which is pretty high. If you're interested, you can see where I went into this a few posts back and have decided to lower my own dose. Skipping ahead, I wouldn't advise you lower yours at this point since your E2 crashed.

Anastrazole: I try to not be this direct usually, but for God's sake, stop taking it PERIOD until your E2 levels return. Many men are successful with no AI at all, ever. Don't take it until you need it. .5mg is a TON of anastrozole for most men. You jumped out of an airplane at 1000 ft with cinder blocks strapped to your back at 1mg. It shouldn't take you too long to rebound with your test dosage plus HCG. Don't chase E2 numbers too hard right now, instead watch for E2 symptoms. ESPECIALLY since you crashed. Later, you'll learn to tell when your E2 is creeping up and you need a SMALL dose of AI. Swollen finger joints are what I notice first, anecdotally.

Lastly: I took vitamin B shots for a while until I came across several studies that showed absolutely no advantage to injections vs orals, and the injections were a lot more expensive.
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Slicktop, thanks, I started on this trail not knowing much other than that I needed it, I edited the post on the HCG. Concur on the anastrazole, I am following the docs advice at this point, if this cycle does not improve I will request to drop it completely, another test will be done in the next 2 weeks so I will see where my numbers are and go from there with my next prescription. Not knowing much I was more concerned with high E2 than low, I was unaware of the symptoms of low E but I am aware now, reading more I am thinking the ratio may be as important as the levels themselves, I am shooting for 25-30 and hopefully everything will work as designed. Appreciate the insights of the more experienced on here like yourself.
Almost all of us hit a speedbump somewhere along the road, and with me it was E2. I was up to 1.5mg per week at one point. Luckily, that didn't last. You are correct in that SHBG:E2 seems to be a more reliable numerical value to target, but again, numerical values pale in comparison to being in tune with how you feel as far as an indicator of how things are working. If you don't have E2 symptoms in the beginning of TRT, you don't need AI. Period. No bloating, no water retention, finger joints aren't swelling, erections are good, no hot flashes or mood swings, you don't need AI. It's admirable that you're trusting your docs advice, but if my D wasn't doing its job, I wouldn't be taking ANY of the drug that broke it. You're going through significant hormonal and chemical changes within the first few months of TRT, so please try not to focus on E2 numbers.