Is low dose nandrolone safe?

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What’s ur current full protocol? Last time I checked u were using 70mg of both test and nandrolone. But looks like u’ve upped ur nandrolone a bit. So curious if u adjusted the rest of ur protocol at all
I definitely upped Nandrolone. I also tweaked testosterone to 40 mg E3D. 300 IU HCG on shot days.
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Here are my latest labs and protocol details.

Test / Free test was measured with LC/MS taken day 6 hours after my shot.

my protocol is 40 mg Test /55 mg Nandrolone E3D plus 300 IU HCG
i also take 5 mg crestor and 15 mg DHEA nightly as well as some other ancillaries such as COQ10, magnesium, etc. 25 mg Liothyronine as well. 12.5 mg Aromasin once per week

I gave blood 6 weeks prior

total Test:813
Free Test 31
Hct. 47.8
Rbc. 5.65. (4.14 -5.8)
Hgb. 16.1
platelets 238. (150-450)
total cholesterol 124
hdl. 52
ldl. 47
triglycerides. 41
vldl 11.
Creatinine 1.33 H (.76 - 1.27)
Estradiol. 10

clearly my Estradiol is too low. I was taking the same amount of Aromasin as when my Testosterone dose was 5 mg higher each shot (at which point it was 30). I have no joint symptoms. Libido was a little low which I attribute to the low estradiol . I only take Aromasin every other week now and it creatinine has been elevated for years but when I use cyststin C to measure kidney function it comes in in a very healthy range.

I feel the best I have felt in 25 years.
i do a combination of barbell and kettlebell work and the nandrolone has allowed me to lift heavy pain free.

i am over 55 y/o, 6ft and weigh 208. I estimate my body fat is around 12-13 % which isn’t bad considering I do zero dieting or cardio. To put that in perspective, when I was bodybuilding in the late 80s I was a natural 210 /8% but killed myself with diets. I say not bad for a guy my age.

without nandrolone I would be in constant pain and have to restrict all training. It’s been a miracle for me.
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